Why Are the Senate Races Close?

The Republican battle cry that wasn't.

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For six years the Democratic majority in the Senate has formed a solid bloc behind a president who betrayed every American soldier who died in Iraq by deliberately losing the war and failing to secure the peace. Obama’s anti-military, anti-American zeal has brought this country to its knees internationally. His cowardice when it comes to the use of force has created a terrorist threat greater than any America has faced since the height of the Cold War. With no dissent from the Democratic majority in the Senate.

The Senate Democrats have supported Obama’s anti-Constitutional efforts to crush their opposition through voter fraud and the political corruption of the IRS. They have embraced his open borders mania, which has introduced tens of thousands of criminal illegals into the American heartland, along with exotic viruses and unknown numbers of terrorists who come here with the intent to kill.

The Senate Democrats have supported Obama’s socialist schemes depriving Americans of the right to choose their health care, destroying millions of jobs, leaving 90 million idle, and 47 million on food stamps. They have turned a blind eye when his unconstitutional executive orders restored a malicious welfare system that condemns millions of disadvantaged Americans to lives of permanent poverty and denied them a shot at the American dream.

Senate Democrats have embraced the lynch mob in Ferguson and used this deplorable episode in their campaigns as a symbol of Republican racism instead. This is a classic case of projection since Democrats are the party of racial categories and racial malice. The nation’s most notorious lynch mob leader and premier racist, Al Sharpton, is the president’s special adviser on race. Thanks to Obama’s policies and the support of Senate Democrats the nation is more racially divided than it has been since the passage of the Civil Rights Acts in 1964 and 1965.

So why are the Senate races close? They are close because Republicans are paralyzed by a political cowardice that makes them reluctant to fight fire with fire. From election to election they are afraid to hold Democrats morally accountable for what they actually stand for and have done. Where is the Republican calling out the Democrats for their support for racists like Sharpton and the lynch mob demanding blood in the case of officer Darren Wilson? Where is the Republican decrying the betrayal of the brave Americans who died to keep Iraq free? Where is the Republican standing up for the millions of poor black and Hispanic children who languish in public schools that don’t teach them and whose lives are being crushed by Democratic “welfare” systems? Where is the Republican Party’s campaign against the Democrats’ totalitarian attempts to destroy the two-party system and empower criminals? Why is their political language so tepid when it comes to the outrages that Democrats daily commit?

Yes there are individual Republicans who take on these issues and the Republican Party has occasionally done so as well. But consider the tone of their arguments as compared to the Democrats’ moral indictments of Republicans as racists, and woman haters, and enemies of the poor. Where is the Republican language to match these indictments and neutralize these attacks?

The Democrats have launched a war against individual freedom and the American constitutional arrangement that defends it. That is the meaning of their attacks on the Second Amendment, their attempts to impose speech codes on a once free nation, and their determination to make voter fraud a normal corruption of the political process. Where is the Republican battle cry in defense of individual freedom? Republican opposition to the atrocity called “Obamacare” is framed in the language of accountants. Yes Obamacare will raise health care costs for those who can pay. But like all socialist programs the foundation of Obamacare is theft. Take the earnings of those who have worked and use it to subsidize the costs of those who don’t. This is an assault on individual freedom. But where is the Republican battle cry identifying it as such?

Fostering terrorist concentrations of power, opening America’s borders to criminals, failing to quarantine Ebola carriers, unleashing the IRS to crush their political opposition, supporting a lynch mob seeking to coerce the judicial process, violating the Constitution and stripping the representatives of the people of their authority and power – all these have a common core. They are a war against individual freedom. Why is this not the Republican campaign theme?

The Republican Party is the party of small business (the political billionaires are clustered among the Democrats). But politics cannot be viewed as a business. Democrats are missionaries seeking to change the world. Like all such missionaries from Lenin to ISIS, individual freedom presents a threat to their world transforming goal. They know what’s good for you, and they are determined to prevent you from resisting it. This is what the political battle is about and unless Republicans embrace the missionary attitude, and make freedom their rallying cry, it is not just elections they are jeopardizing but the future of our country as well.

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