A Twitter Trap

From a Jew-hating liar with no remorse.

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Let’s take this a step at a time.

I emailed Jumanah Imad Albahri, the infamous UCSD Muslim student who called for genocide against the Jews, on Sunday at 10:19 AM Pacific Standard Time. I got the email from the login used by Albahri (apparently) to comment on Robert Spencer’s post yesterday morning to protest that the remarks attributed to her were not her own. She instead had this statement at a brand new blog here. (It appears to be actually from her, as well as the comments left at NRB.) I blogged about the email I sent here. I have yet to receive a reply to this message.

Now, something everyone who’s ever emailed with me might know: in my signature I have a link to my twitter page.

Thus, at 12:39 PM PST I received an alert from Twitter that I had a new follower identifying themselves as Jumanah Imad Albahri. This was a brand new account and I was the only person Albahri (apparently) was following.

At the time that I checked my email on my phone I was out and about running errands with my wife. I got back to my computer in the late afternoon with a freshly groomed Siberian husky, a fridge filled with groceries, and a head full of questions. I began investigating this supposed Albahri’s twitter page and found several weird anomalies.

First, the name had been changed. Now she was listed as “Not Jumanah Albahri.” Why would she change that?

Second, in addition to links to all of the comments she had made at NRB there were several intentionally-inflammatory tweets, such as this one:

I’m not an anti-Semite. I am a semite. I just hate all jooooooooooooos.

Why joke about this when you’re trying to prove that you’re not a genocidal bigot?

Third, there was a new, brief post at what we’re basically regarding as her “real” blog:

Dear Everyone,

There have been a number of people across cyberspace claiming my identity. If it is not on this blog or using this blog as a logged in username, it is not me.

Thank You and Peace! :)


“A number of people”?

What’s going on here? I can’t know for certain but I can guess. I suspect that Albahri and her MSA fellow travelers are trying to pull a fast one on us. They want NRB to jump on these inflammatory tweets, attribute them to Albahri, and then they can jump in and claim that we’re smearing her and that we’re not to be trusted in what we say. In that fashion they can distract the issue so that people stop talking about the fact that Albahri said she favored the extermination of the Jews. But there’s more…

Albahri is a pathological liar who’s going to attempt to obfuscate her way out of the mess she’s gotten herself into. If she was sincere then she would have responded to my email with grace. She would have been kind, apologized, and asked to be given a chance to demonstrate her commitment to countering the anti-Semitism rampant in Islam. She would not have left contradictory comments at NRB as she has.

Consider this comment here where she apologizes to me:

Actually Mr.Swindle, I didn’t write that. I wrote this: fortruthforjustice.wordpress.com. Perhaps you would like to hear my actual opinion on things, and not LurkerGod’s.

Also Mr. Swindle, I would like to apologize for any distress this has caused you. It was never my intent to offend you or any anyone else for that matter.

Then she pulls a complete 180 claiming that the only ones who should apologize are me and David Horowitz:

As far as my non-apology, I do not need to apologize on the blog. It is people like you that are blowing this out of proportion. If you want an apology though, I’ll give it to you: I am sorry that you are so ignorant and so easily fooled by people like David Swindle and David Horowitz. If anyone deserves an apology, its me. And it should come from Mr. Swindle and Mr. Horowitz for scandalizing and sensationalizing this. They should also apologize to everyone who has been reading this too, for misleading you all.

But the most revealing fact which should demonstrate Albahri the taqiya spinmeister (thanks for the link, Pamela) is this: before Albahri commented at NRB identifying as herself on Robert’s post she did so as someone else on all the other posts about her.

Albahri thought she was smarter than David Horowitz. And she seems to think that she’s smarter than me too. Her arrogance knows no bounds. (Which makes sense since after all, we’re infidels.) But she’s not smart enough to realize that when you comment at a blog your IP address gets left behind. And the blog’s administrator can then discover if you decide to do something like, oh I don’t know, comment with multiple names.

The same IP that commented as “fortruthforloveforjustice” and identifed as Albahri first commented on all the previous posts as “John.” The first two comments seemed to identify as someone initially angered by the video but who changed their mind after reading the clarifying statement. Here’s the first:

I have to admit, I was suspicious at first, but it seems that Anita is not so wrong afterall. Check out the girl’s response:


And this one:

Hey guys, you might want to check out what this girl has to say. It made me feel pretty dumb for flying off the handle like I did (privately.)

Then “John” proceeded to just jump from post to post advertising the statement at the new blog four times. Who would do that other than the author of the statement herself?

From the moment Albahri opened her mouth in her pseudo-question she was lying. She was asking for proof for something that David Horowitz and the Freedom Center have never claimed. (The pamphlet she claims to have read does not say that the MSA gets money from terrorists.) It was a question meant to confuse sympathetic and ignorant leftists and “centrists.” (And she’s also lying in her statement regarding the amount of money that anti-Semitic groups received from the University this past semester. She accuses David Horowitz of exaggerating the amount of $40,000. But check out the three links that we provided to see that we’re telling the truth.)

And now we see the same behavior in Albahri’s Twitter and commenting ruse.

This confusing, lying behavior from Albahri is a further, college-level version of the stealth jihadis’ modus operandi: deceive the infidel. There is no way of backing out of her statement. The video is irrefutable. The only tactic now is to try and sabotage and embarrass Horowitz, NRB, and the Freedom Center. But we won’t let that happen. Just as we will not stand by as totalitarians try and bring down our country from within.