The Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism

A monument of a 20th century hero becomes the symbol of a new campaign against Jew-hate and Islamo-Fascism.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Peter Lancz, the head of the The Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism.

FP: Peter Lancz, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Lancz: Thanks Jamie for having me and giving me this opportunity to expound on what I believe is a very timely and crucial initiative.

FP: Tell us about your Raoul Wallenberg campaign and what it’s all about.

Lancz: I am the long standing agent of my late father, Paul Lancz, who was a Hungarian born master sculptor of international renown. He is credited with the definitive bronze busts of several world figures, including J..F. Kennedy, David Ben Gurion and his incomparable tour de force of his savior Raoul Wallenberg (at the R.W. Place in Montreal.)

The bronze monument of Wallenberg is so powerfully evocative in its portrayal of courage, determination and nobility of spirit as to all but obviate the need to tell his story. It represents the quintessential hero and role model par excellence. It is the most symbolic, efficacious and consequential monument of its kind in terms of revealing the true essence of this lost hero of humanity, whom former Israeli President Chaim Herzog called the “Saint Just of the Nations." Wallenberg, a Swedish non-Jew who saved thousands of Jews in the Holocaust, is the embodiment of the Talmudic idiom that whoever saves a single life, it is as if they have saved an entire universe.

My project aims at utilizing this depiction of Wallenberg as the centerpiece or linchpin of my new ambitious campaign, which entails its erection on university campuses and educational institutions worldwide, so as to educate about Wallenberg's unparalleled legacy on the one hand and, by extension, about the real lessons of the  Holocaust on the other. It represents the quintessential educational tool to combat anti-Semitism and “genuine” racism, the operative word being “genuine” so as to distinguish it from the faux humanitarians-racists and bigots who have exploited this terms to advance their own nefarious agendas.

FP: Expand for us a bit on the rationale of using a Wallenberg depiction to make your point.

Lancz: The rationale for putting up Wallenberg is, first and foremost, to speak truth to power. In today’s political climate, the “truth” has become the new “hate speech,” with the inversion of good and evil and right vs. wrong. Moral equivalency, multi-culturalist political correctness, moral relativism and historical  revisionism have all become the norm, and so it has become of paramount importance to set the record straight.

Inherent in this campaign is an attempt to try and arm those still “sitting on the fence,” so to speak, with the necessary tools to empower them to distinguish between what true heroism, freedom and justice stands for, symbolized by Wallenberg, as opposed to the lies and distortions manufactured by the genocidal  anti-Semites, the anti-individualist statists, hate-mongers and bigots. It is an attempt to turn back the still impressionable and swayable minds from the abyss, and instill in them the transcendental legacy of redemptive change that Wallenberg came to so eloquently embody.

FP: Wallenberg fought the same Islamo-Nazis of yesteryear didn’t he? What meaning do you see in that?

Lancz: Indeed he did. As many of your readers may know, Islamic anti-Semitism long predates the Nazi variety, in fact the Nazis drew much impetus and inspiration from the Koranic based Jew-hatred.

During the war, the Islamists and the Nazis -- who on first sight would seem to have made unlikely bedfellows -- were in fact united in their pathological Jew hatred, viewing the Jews as the very incarnation of evil, the demonic force behind all the world's ills. Hence, they derived the need to exterminate every last metastasizing bacillus from the body politic so as to save mankind. The Mufti of Jerusalem at the time, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, was the prime instigator of Jew hatred and colluded with Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann in carrying out the final solution. His rabid, genocidal Jew hatred equalled that of the Nazis and, in fact, spurred them on in their annihilationist zeal and lethality.  Ironically, Eichmann was Wallenberg's main nemesis in Budapest in 1944, hence Wallenberg's ties in the fight against Islamo-Fascism.

Fast-forward to today, whence we are in an existential battle with the same Islamo-Nazis of yesteryear, this time aided and abetted by the radical left and the true to form neo-Nazis. This green-red-brown axis makes for a particularly lethal brew of genocidal hatred, hence the resurgence of global anti-Semitism at levels not seen since the war. When it comes to the world's longest hatred -- the "cancer of the human soul" -- namely anti-Semitism, it becomes clear that Wallenberg's legacy is as apt today as it ever was.

Indeed much more so with every passing day.

FP: Certain Jews who could have intervened then did not. And many Jews who can intervene today (i.e. George Soros), do not. Your thoughts?

Lancz: Yes Jamie, this is something that perplexes and angers me to no end. During the war, entire nations and most egregiously influential Jews in the West, who had the clout and wherewithal to intervene, chose not to lift a finger, for a variety of reasons, the foremost being to protect their own skins, from being perceived as having dual loyalties and to prevent fanning the flames of anti-Semitism directed at themselves, thereby jeopardizing their status and good standing in society.

It seems that to these despicable specimens, pragmatic and pusillanimous self-interest outweighed any moral and ethical compulsion to save their very own brethren from annihilation. Which brings us to today, when Jews are once again being hunted down the world over for being Jews, and Israel -- the new “Jew of the Nations” is targeted for extinction and the lib-left Jews are o.k. with it.

The most egregious example today is a powerful, prominent, billionaire Hungarian Jewish Holocaust survivor abandoning his brethren (Israel) in their direst hour of need. It is the most execrable of “Kapos," namely George Soros. During Dante's Inferno, the living hell that was Budapest in 1944, this monster actually assisted the Nazis in the round-up of his own people (by assisting in confiscating the property of Jews). When one juxtaposes the super human exertions of a righteous gentile like Wallenberg, who single-handedly sacrificed his life to save more Jews during the Holocaust than most nations, with the ignominious conduct of certain Jews then and now, like Soros,the picture becomes very clear indeed.

FP: What do you think the significance is of Wallenberg having come to study in the U.S. and witness American exceptionalism first hand?

Lancz: The significance of his having studied and familiarized himself with Ameircan exceptionalism is I think profound and instructive. I feel that Wallenberg came to adopt and embrace our very best values and foundational principles, the “can do" spirit of American know-how, courage, self-sacrifice, generosity, patriotism and altruism --all grounded in individual liberty. These defining character traits -- most of which he already possessed in abundance -- most assuredly energized him with the moral and intestinal fortitude that enabled him to accomplish his unparalleled feats.

FP: What is Wallenberg's legacy at its core? If Wallenberg were alive today, where he would stand on the conflicts we face today?

Lancz: Wallenberg's legacy at its core is the defining existential struggle of our time, our struggle, pitting civilized man against barbarian, individualism vs. statism, conservatism vs. liberalism, right vs. wrong, good vs. evil -- in a nut shell, liberty vs. tyranny.

Make no mistake about it, were Wallenberg alive today, he would shudder in disbelief to witness how far his beloved America -- from which he drew such incredible inspiration -- has come away from its founding constitutional principles, based on individual human rights and freedoms, towards a soft tyranny thanks to our first post-American President.

FP: Peter Lancz thank you for joining us. We encourage all of our readers to visit Mr. Lancz’s site at And for all of those readers who would like to partake in this campaign and, thereby, inscribe their names into the historic Wallenberg monument for posterity, they can contact Mr. Lancz directly at [email protected].