A Freedom Plaza Next to the Ground Zero Mosque?

The head of the Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism proposes a plan to counter Islamic triumphalism on the 9/11 site.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Peter Lancz, the head of the The Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism.

FP: Peter Lancz, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

With the plans for the Ground Zero mega-mosque now having been blessed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it appears that the symbol of Islamic supremacism and triumphalism on the 9/11 site may very well become a reality.

You have developed an idea to counter the Islamic Center if it is built. Share your idea with us.

Lancz: Thanks Jamie.

What if were to propose the establishment of a Raoul Wallenberg Freedom Plaza against Islamo-Fascism or against Islamic Tyranny, right on the vicinity of the Ground Zero mega-mosque? This most powerful, imposing and symbolic of monuments to Wallenberg could be erected as the centerpiece of this Freedom Plaza. And this Plaza will host human rights seminars, conferences, rallies against Islamic Jew-hatred, religious intolerance, honor killings, Sharia Law, etc.

It could be periodically arranged that human rights activists from all over the world would come to the Freedom Plaza and give speeches denouncing Islamic Supremacism.  Incidentally, Geert Wilders, our modern day Churchill, has expressed his support for my Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism, so I'd expect him to be front and center.

Imam Abdul Rauf and his soldiers of taqiyya (Islamic deception) claim to be moderates advocating for peace, understanding and outreach. So if they are for these things, surely they wouldn't be opposed to the placement of a monument to one the greatest and most universally acknowledged 20th century Humanitarians. If they do oppose it, then they will expose themselves for the stealth Jihadists that they are.

Either way, this idea is a win-win. New York Mayor Bloomberg would have no choice but to endorse it, otherwise he'd lose all credibility. All of this is about symbolism. Moreover, it ought not be lost on anyone that in this epic clash pitting Wallenberg's transcendental legacy of redemptive character vs. Islamic Supremacism’s barbaric legacy of Jihad and conquest, Wallenberg wins hands down. Consequently, we will be sending a resounding message that ultimately we will win this civilizational battle and good will prevail over evil.  I think this is something around which all freedom loving peoples of conscience can and should rally.

FP: What do you hope that this Freedom Plaza would help achieve?

Lancz: This Wallenberg monument  could serve as the quintessential  9/11 Memorial, and behind the bust would be a semi-circle granite wall with the names of the 3,000 victims. Naturally, on the pedestal of the bust, would be a description of Wallenberg's story. As this is the defining battle between the individual and tyranny, there would be a plaque reading:

“Wallenberg-the lost Hero of the Holocaust-confronted the Nazi killing machine and showed not only that one person can make a difference , but that one person can resist, that one person can confront, that one person can indeed prevail over radical evil.”

If this isn't the ultimate rallying cry of our times I don't know what it is. Moreover as this is not just a memorial but an educational tool, students would gather to be educated, inspired and to hopefully emulate Wallenberg’s example.

FP: What are your thoughts on the threat we face by Islamic jihad and the Left’s disposition to it?

Lancz: The gravity of the existential threat we face from Islamic jihad is truly of epic proportions. It is essentially a battle pitting free-civilized man against a totalitarian barbarian. What is at stake is the struggle for our very souls -- namely who we are and what we represent. The lives that were sacrificed for individual rights and freedoms that we've come to cherish are being chiseled away from right under our noses by the stealth jihadists. And many of us are in denial and totally clueless.

The left's appeasement and pandering to evil is nothing new. What makes their utopian delusions so infuriating and unpardonable is that it is not only they who will have to pay the consequences -- and deservedly so; they are thwarting and undermining our best efforts at resistance and are thus dragging us down in the process as well.

FP: What, in your view, is the best way for us to fight this unholy alliance?

Lancz: There is no single best way to fight this unholy alliance, but small, myriad, incremental steps taken by freedom-loving, empowered individuals can turn back the tide. In this war of ideas, it is crucial to speak truth to power, counter and expose the hate mongers and their lies and obfuscations, to set the record straight, take back our constitutional republic and marshal all our strengths at repelling and ultimately defeating this evil.

Naturally, campaigns such as mine and more specifically this proposed R.W. Freedom Plaza, focusing on real, true to life role models of Wallenberg's stature, are an exceedingly effective way to fight back. Wallenberg's legacy is after all the very embodiment of everything we are fighting for.

To quote the brilliant human rights activist Irwin Cotler:

"Today Wallenberg deserves to be remembered not only for his heroism, but as a reminder and inspiration for action-each one of us has an indispensable role to play in the struggle for tikkun olam; human rights begins with each of us -- in our homes, in our schools, in our workplace, in our human relations, in our daily capacity for acts of care and compassion on behalf of some victim of discrimination or disadvantage somewhere."

People of courage and conviction like you Jamie, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and David Horowitz are perfect examples of the transformative impact individuals can have and a testament to living the Raoul Wallenberg legacy.

FP: Peter Lancz, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.