Comics Against Terror

A new counter-terrorism comic book sets out to educate Americans on our enemies abroad -- and amongst us.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. The owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing, he has conducted a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He is the co-author (with Paul Sperry) of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America. His site is and he can be contacted at [email protected].

FP: Dave Gaubatz , welcome back to Frontpage Magazine.

I would like to talk to you today about a new counter-terrorism comic book that you will be releasing soon.

Tell us about it.

Dave: Thank you Jamie.

The comics will be utilized to inform Americans about Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters operating in America. This type of comic is long overdue. The only people who should be offended by these comics are terrorists and terrorist-supporters. I have various reasons for coming up with these comic books and today I will provide you some of them:

[1] Since the release of our book, “Muslim Mafia,” I have been invited by numerous groups to conduct presentations about the book and other Islamic-based terrorism issues.  These groups have consisted of Tea Party members, law enforcement, non-profit and for-profit groups, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and politicians. The response has been overwhelming. I am seeing the ‘pendulum swing’ in favor of Americans desiring more and more information on Islamic based terrorist groups operating within our country.  Americans desire factual intelligence; they do not desire rhetoric, nor to watch or listen to news organizations that they once relied on, but that have now been bought or politically influenced by terrorist-sponsoring countries such as Saudi Arabia.

[2] Although well-intentioned, most Americans are confused with all the various terrorist groups, the leaders, and sponsors of terrorism who are operating in American.  Readers will get a web-based counter-terrorism comic book that will use factual evidence I have obtained on terrorism issues from all parts of our country. The comic will use satire and humor combined with substantiated evidence.

[3] Based on responses from Americans from all professions, it is clear that much of our population is confused and overwhelmed in regards to Islamic-based terrorism. This  comic book will reduce some of Americans’ apprehensiveness about becoming aware of the major issues ‘step by step’ and it will be a fun process as well. The comics will average 15–20 pages and each sketch within is being drawn by not only one of the best artists I have ever encountered, but also someone who understands and is dedicated to counter-terrorism.

Together with the artist’s skills and my evidence and insight, we will provide a valuable product for the reader. We will use issue by issue to provide the readers with bits and pieces of very valuable counter-terrorism information. The sketches will expose the people who are involved in supporting terrorist groups, whose objectives (per their own words) are for an Islamic Ummah (Nation) worldwide, under Sharia law, and who are ready to use physical and non-physical tactics to achieve their objectives.

[4] The most important reason for the comic book release is for Americans to be able to take the various editions to their law enforcement and elected leaders. It may sound funny, but it is much easier to show a humorous comic to someone, explain the basic facts inside, and ultimately get their support in protecting America.

FP: We know about how certain cartoons have triggered the wrath of Muslims. Are you concerned about the possibility of retaliations against you by terrorist organizations or people who support them?

Gaubatz: Good question Jamie.

I am not in the least bit concerned about what a terrorist group or any of their supporters think or may do. The counter-terrorism comic book should offend only Islamic-based terrorist or their supporters. Any others should really evaluate what they want in America. Do they truly want the U.S. Constitution and the rights within, or do they prefer Sharia law? Many Muslim leaders have informed my team and me that Sharia law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Laws. Should this not be enough to warn our elected officials that Sharia law is dangerous? Within Sharia, only about 10% pertains to violence, but unfortunately for Muslims who desire ‘Pure Islam’ there is no pick and choosing of what parts of Sharia to live by and what parts you would like eliminated.  Sharia is an all or nothing (again per the intelligence my team and I have received from over 75% of the Islamic Centers in America).

The comic book is intended to only offend someone who has it in their heart to harm our country and our children. We hear few complaints when Muslims across the world burn our flag, destroy Bibles, threaten to eliminate Israel and the Jews, call for further attacks similar to 11 Sept. 2001, and murder over 4,000 of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until they begin denouncing these violent acts, Americans will continue to care less and less about their concerns of a comic book that seeks to inform the masses about the pending downfall of our country.

FP: Dave, can you give our readers a few examples of what will be covered in your issues?

Gaubatz: Yes. Readers can see a preview of the comic book on our site at  The first issue will pertain to leaders (Muslim and non-Muslim) who align themselves with the ideologies of Islamic terrorist groups instead of what is in the best interest of our country and our children’s future.  If a person or group is mentioned in the comic book, it is because my team and I have first-hand intelligence showing the support these people provide to Islamic organizations who behind the scenes desire to destroy America. CAIR is only one of the groups who plot behind the scenes on how to harm our country.

In subsequent issues we will feature how Islamic terrorist organizations inside America are literally buying politicians, law enforcement, and the media as their personal confidential informants who wittingly and unwittingly provide them shelter. Later, when the time is right, we will list all of the people (from U.S. State Department, law enforcement, and media) who routinely visit CAIR National).

Each issue will feature an American hero who is going above and beyond others to warn Americans about national security issues.  The first edition of our comic will have Roger Homefield, “The Joe Citizen Show,” AM 1040 WLVJ. He was our choice for an American hero. His show, based in Florida, airs each Saturday from 2-4pm EST. Senior talk show hosts who have allowed themselves to become ‘puppets’ of terrorist organizations should rewind and follow the path of Roger Homesfield.

FP: Final thoughts on the comic book?

Gaubtaz: The comic book will help Americans deal with serious matters, yet in a less stressful manner. Often it is through humor that we see the true evil nature of our enemies, like, in this case, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters. We hope that through these comics that we will help Americans defend their country and, when we win, to get the last laugh.

Thank you Jamie.