Voices of Palestine

Getting acquainted with the other side.

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As part of our campaign to combat the vicious lies and genocidal agendas of Israeli Apartheid Week, now being held on numerous college campuses, we have commissioned the artist Bosch Fawstin to do a series of posters called Voices of Palestine. These posters display the avowed goals of the Palestinian cause, dramatized in the most gruesome way possible this week with the murder of three children and their parents on the West Bank and the distribution of candy in Gaza to celebrate the murders.

With our help, students are distributing the Voices of Palestine series as flyers and posters on college campuses across the country. We are also attempting to buy ad space to display them in as many campus papers as will place them. So far every one of the 15 campus papers to whom we've submitted the poster have rejected our request.  The UCLA Daily Bruin, which is the only campus paper to run our “Wall of Lies” ad, rejected the Voices of Palestine ad on the transparent pretense that these are individual Palestinians who do not represent the majority view.  We pointed out that one of the quotes that promises to exterminate the Jews is from Mahmoud Al-Zahar, the founder of Hamas, which is the majority party in Gaza and was elected in a free election. Another comes from the Speaker of the Gaza Parliament, and promises to exterminate Americans too.  If these quotes only represent the views of these individuals, why are public squares, school classrooms, and youth soccer leagues named after the bloodiest Palestinian terrorists, and why was the Fogel family murdered in the West Bank to cheers of celebration?

Hitler hid the "Final Solution" from the Germans; the Palestinians shout it from the rooftops -- but apparently many people are not listening. We invite other websites to post these images as a public service (please send us a link to your sites) and we ask individuals to print them as flyers. It's time that people who think there are two sides to the Middle East conflict acquaint themselves with exactly who the other side is.