Palestinian Wall of Lies: A Genocidal Campaign on America's Campuses

Our video is back on YouTube after a campaign by the Muslim Students Association to suppress it.

There is a nation-wide assault by agencies of the Muslim Brotherhood on the First Amendment rights of their opponents. These agencies include CAIR, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Students Association. Because of its campaign to raise awareness of the danger of Islamo-Fascism and the oppression of women, gays and other minorities in Muslim countries, the Freedom Center is regarded as a high priority target. David Horowitz cannot appear on a college campus, and the Freedom Center cannot post an ad or statement without  coming under attack as "racist" and "Islamophobic" -- hate terms designed to discredit the speaker in advance of anything he might say. The Muslim Students Association -- a sister organization of Hamas and promoter of Islamic terror against Jews -- is particularly upset with the Freedom Center for exposing its ties to the Brotherhood and its shameless support for Hamas.

Recently the Center posted a YouTube video documenting the genocidal attacks on Israel by the MSA. The MSA retaliated not by refuting the facts presented in the Freedom Center's video, which would require distancing itself from Hamas terrorists and the lies of the Hamas  propaganda campaign to demonize Israel as the occupier of a non-existent Palestinian land, but by filing a false complaint with YouTube claiming that the Center had infringed its copyright. The MSA demanded that YouTube remove the video. Fearing legal consequences, YouTube acquiesced.

The 20 second portion of the video which taken from the MSA website, which was the pretext for their complaint, was a promotional video of MSA students protesting against Israel. It thus falls under the "Fair Use" doctrine without which journalists would not be able to report and/or criticize any political propaganda. Since litigating Fair Use rights could run up legal costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, we took an initial path of least resistance. We removed the 20 seconds and  re-submitted the video to YouTube. YouTube posted the new version. But the MSA immediately filed a second false complaint against the new version in which there was no MSA footage. Cautious again, YouTube responded by taking down the second version -- even though the MSA segment had been removed. We appealed to YouTube, pointing out that we had removed the only portion of the film taken from the MSA website. YouTube has now restored our video. Please help to us spread its vital message that MSA wants to silence as widely as possible.