Barack Hearts Hamas

The president embraces Muslim terrorists while setting the stage for a second Holocaust.

There’s no other way to see it: Barack Obama has embraced Muslim terrorists while setting the stage for a second Holocaust.  This prescription for disaster was embedded deeply in this sentence of his recent speech: “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”

The pre-1967 borders Obama mentioned would cut Israel to nine miles wide.  Such borders would require a re-division of Jerusalem, Israel’s religious and historic capital predating Islamic claims by 2000 years – and there would be no access to holy sites for non-Muslims.  Such borders would force Israel to cede the Golan Heights – the regional high ground -- back to Syria, a military catastrophe.  And look at a map: a “contiguous” Palestinian state from the West Bank to Gaza means a non-contiguous Israel, an Israel cut off from itself.

We can no longer maintain the pretense that Obama makes such statements out of ignorance or stupidity.  He is an intelligent and knowledgeable man.  He has crafted a new American foreign policy based on sheer surrender to the enemies of freedom.  Hamas, a State Department terrorist group, formed a unity government with the Palestinian Authority just weeks ago, demonstrating once and for all that the Palestinian population embraces murder and terrorism as a means to destroy Israel – and Obama’s solution is to hand that unity terrorist government approximately 40 percent of the land-mass of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli war is not a border dispute.  It is a religious war, in which one religion, Judaism, wishes to be left alone and in peace, and the other, Islam, wishes to throw Jews into the sea.  Israel has well over a million Arab citizens with more rights than Arabs enjoy in any Arab country, while the Hamas/Palestinian Authority-controlled territory is Judenrein.  And Obama just sided with Islam.

This has ramifications for America, not just for Israel.  Israel is in essence a stalking horse for the West; Muslims train the bulk of their fire on it, leaving the West for the most part unscathed.  With the death of Israel – a death Obama’s speech suggests that he is willing to countenance – the U.S., Great Satan, will once again become target number one.  From Charlemagne forward, the West has faced constant assault from Muslims; with or without Israel, that will continue. But emboldened by the murder of a nascent Judaic state, our enemies will see light at the end of their dark tunnel.

In his speech, Obama revealed himself as an enemy of the Jewish people.  But he is more than that: he is an ally of America’s enemies.  President Bush stated in 2004, “We fight the terrorists and we fight all of those who give them aid … If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist; if you train or arm a terrorist, you are a terrorist; if you feed a terrorist or fund a terrorist, you're a terrorist, and you will be held accountable by the United States and our friends.”  Obama gives terrorists aid, both in American taxpayer dollars and in world authority.  He arms them, feeds them, and funds them.  He does so purposefully and proudly.

As a fig leaf, he hands us Osama bin Laden’s body.  But it is probably no coincidence that the president has announced his surrender to Hamas within weeks of authorizing bin Laden’s killing. It is no mere accident that Obama began his back-stabbing of Israel by citing bin Laden’s death.  He wants us to believe that he is a man of strength and conviction when it comes to terrorism, even as he hands the keys to the Temple Mount to the enemies of freedom.

Obama's is a “soft” capitulation to terror.  He is not Hitler or Stalin.  He would not carry out a Holocaust himself.  But he would willingly accept a Taliban-led regime in Afghanistan, with all the attendant bloodbaths, if it meant achieving his re-election. He would stand by and watch the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even if it meant the wholesale slaughter of Coptic Christians.  And he has now shown that he would breathe a sigh of relief if Israel happened to disappear.

Jews in particular must decide where they stand – with an anti-Israel president, or against him.  Any Jew who contributes to or votes for Obama in 2012 is a JINO – a Jew in name only, a bagels and lox non-entity without the backbone or the intestinal fortitude to stand up for his or her brothers and sisters who now stand a little closer to destruction thanks to a vain and careless speech by our president.

I fervently pray each and every day that Obama should discover a functioning moral compass.  I pray, but I do not expect these prayers to be answered.

Ben Shapiro is an attorney and writer and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, and author of the upcoming book “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How The Left Took Over Your TV” from Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollins.