Freedom Center Re-Releases Pocket Best-Sellers on Kindle

Booklets on the most important issues of our day now available for download.

Over the past 20 years, the David Horowitz Freedom Center has fought to defend free societies from their enemies on the Left. Borrowing a strategy from political luminaries of the past who disseminated their thoughts in easily portable tracts, the Freedom Center since its inception has produced small, concise, and easily comprehensible primers on the most important issues of our day. One of these booklets, Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution, has sold more than 300,000 copies and been distributed to more than 1.2 million people. Another, Big Lies: The Arab Propaganda War Against Israel, has reached another 600,000.

Now, the Center is taking another step into the digital age by re-releasing its pocket best-sellers on Kindle. Among the booklets now available for download are the aforementioned Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution and Big Lies and the recent publication From Shadow Party to Shadow Government by David Horowitz and John Perazzo

Each of these concise volumes will arm the reader with crucial facts and knowledge about America and its adversaries.

You can download these pamphlets to your Kindle here.

The full list of pamphlets now available for download on Kindle includes:

From Shadow Party to Shadow Government: George Soros and the Effort to Radically Change America

From Shadow Party to Shadow Government dissects George Soros’ network of leftwing political organizations, through which he has been able to exercise unparalleled influence over the past twenty years.

What Americans Need to Know about Jihad

A primer on the totalitarian ideology that seeks to establish a global Islamic state ruled by Islamic law.

Why Israel is the Victim and Why There is No Peace in the Middle East

Israel is the only democracy in a Middle Eastern desert of tyranny and oppression. Why Israel is the Victim and Why There is No Peace in the Middle East sets the record straight about the Middle East conflict.

Obama and Islam

Obama and Islam answers the question that our president’s recent actions raise:  what exactly is Barak Obama’s relationship to Islam?  How does he see the Muslim extremism that has targeted America for destruction?

Obama's Professor and America’s Cultural Crisis

This is an examination of the work and thought of professor Cornel West, a man Barack Obama has called “not only a genius, a public intellectual, an oracle…[but] also a loving person.”  This booklet shows how the rise of Cornel West reflects the decline of American culture.

Obama and the War Against the Jews

The Obama administration has signaled a noticeable shift in U.S. policy towards Israel, from Obama’s apology to the Arab and Muslim world for alleged American misdeeds to Obama’s most recent speech calling for a return to the 1967 lines.  Obama and the War Against the Jews examines the origins and repercussions of this dramatic policy change of a nation from the world’s bulwark of democracy and freedom to an enabler of the very forces that are intent on destroying them.

Arizona’s Fight, America’s Fight

Arizona’s Fight, America’s Fight is a compilation of two essays—one  by historian Victor Davis Hanson and the other by military analyst Ralph Peters designed to give context and background to Arizona’s decision to pass legislation to defend its borders.

Breaking the System: Obama’s Strategy for Change

Breaking the System examines the origins and political rationale of the strategy of massive government spending and debt creation that has become a hallmark of the Obama administration.

Barak Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinksy Model

Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model explains the mind of the radical left and the strategies the American president.

Muslim Persecution of Christians

It's not only Jews that Islamic radicals have targeted for destruction.

Jewish Enablers of the War Against Israel

Jewish Enablers of the War Against Israel investigates a seemingly bizarre phenomenon:  anti-Israel Jews serving as a vanguard from the new wave of anti-Semitism on American and European university campuses.