Sheila Jackson Lee: The Race Card Hits Its Debt Limit

It’s no wonder that Congressman Allen West is under fire.

Two days after being sued for discrimination by a disabled aide, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee stood on the floor of the house and accused opponents of the debt limit hike of racism. The race card she was using had expired long ago, but the media has never gotten the message. Instead it's pushing stories about the FBI investigating racist cartoons sent to Jackson Lee's fax machine. It's an old comfortable narrative for a media establishment unwilling to confront the hard facts about the economic apocalypse of the welfare state.

The one thing that the Federal budget and the race card have in common is that neither one has any spending limit. And suggesting any spending limit is racist. But what unlimited spending really translates to is unlimited power. And unlimited privilege.

The prospect of having their spending limit go down and their race cards invalidated frightens Democrats more than anything else except for the rise of a responsible African-American leadership. That is the one thing that could take away their power.  So it’s no wonder that black Congressman Allen West is under fire.  He is the antidote to Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangel, Barbara Lee and Carolyn Kilpatrick--men and women with few ideas, a high level of corruptibility and a great willingness to play the race card on behalf of their party.

West's presence in the budget fight threatens to deprive the Democrats of their race card, which is why they are so desperate to destroy him. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's dishonest attack on him was a direct attempt to threaten his reelection.  West immediately struck back at her. And Keith Olbermann has already called for his resignation.

Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, called West' sternly worded reply to Wasserman-Schultz a "hate-filled screed" and is using it to raise funds to defeat West.

The DCCC fundraising letter, which bizarrely claims that Wasserman-Schultz is a respected legislator, as well as a victim of West, boasts: "My Democratic colleagues are so appalled that they’ve agreed to match all gifts today dollar-for-dollar up to our $100,000 goal."

Why is the DCCC running a targeted campaign of destruction against one of only two black Republicans in the House? Because the rise of a new wave of black Republicans threatens to undermine the Democratic voting plantation. Herman Cain joined West in denouncing Jackson Lee's use of the race card. It's why Cain, West and Tim Scott are being targeted in a way that few white Republican politicians are. It's the same reason why female Republican candidates are on the receiving end of an unprecedented level of venom and viciousness.

The desperate fury felt by Black, female and Jewish Republicans, like West, Bachmann and Cantor is a symptom of weakness by a corrupt establishment that knows how precarious its position is.

In the last election, Sheila Jackson Lee had to resort to barging into a polling place and trying to intimidate poll watchers. As a woman who spent her entire life in one political office or another, she truly cannot afford to lose. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is no better. And they are the front for an entire political party built on government jobs, federal unions and welfare programs. This political pyramid scheme depends on the Jackson Lee's and the Wasserman-Schultz's being able to bring home the bacon. And that is where the debt ceiling comes in.

The unlimited spending that fuels the Democratic party is disguised as social justice. The truth is that there is no social or justice in it. The national party is nothing more than Tammany Hall writ large, a vast political machine that spends trillions on political favors in direct spending and indirect subsidies. And in a year when black unemployment is at a record high, and a black man in the White House has absolutely failed to help the black community-- the danger of that community waking up and realizing that they have been played for half a century is very real.

Let's examine the truth about Sheila Jackson Lee's rise to power. Jackson Lee's place in congress was bought for her by Enron, which funneled money to her campaign in order to push out her predecessor who had opposed NAFTA. Jackson Lee had no problem being employed by a corrupt company to force out a black congressman and force through legislation that would cost countless American jobs.

How many of Sheila Jackson Lee's constituents lost their jobs because of NAFTA? That's a question they ought to be asking themselves. Because Jackson Lee, like so many of her colleagues of every race, are not representatives of the black community or of women. They represent corrupt political interests in blackface.

Enron is done, but AT&T isn't. And AT&T has poured money into Sheila Jackson Lee's campaign chest and cut six figure checks to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute. In return the CBC endorsed the AT&T and T-Mobile merger, along with the Communications Workers of America, which is also a Jackson Lee donor. An added bonus to the merger will be AT&T's unionization of T-Mobile's workforce, with the dues kicked back to the campaigns of Democratic politicians. The merger will mean fewer jobs, but more union jobs. And that's the only metric that Democratic politicians care about, because it means more money for them.

This is the emperor and empress without their clothes. The true face of the Democratic party behind the spin. And this everyday corruption is what their social justice image exists to protect.

Now the DCCC is fundraising for an opponent for West.  Who will the lucky lady—and it’s likely to be a lady--be? Most likely Lois Frankel, who presided over West Palm Beach's notorious corruption. The DCCC is trying to do is replace an African-American war hero with a corrupt member of the Democratic party establishment. Because AT&T mergers don't approve themselves.

The story here is an old one. Money and power. The Democrats have spent the Federal well dry but they can't stop digging because it is the source of their political power. And they can't let go of the race card because it is the source of their electoral power.