“It Is High Noon For America”


Video: Author Jamie Glazov interviewed on biggest threats to freedom.

High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown


The bedrock of Western civilization at stake.

Video: Jamie Glazov on Jihad Denial


Frontpage’s editor discusses his new book “High Noon For America,” David Horowitz’s work and influence, and much more.

Showdown With Islamists


An interview with Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov about his new book, “High Noon For America.”

High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown


Dr. Jamie Glazov’s new book issues a dire warning.

Meet Obama’s Wahhabist Relatives — on The Jamie Glazov Show


Walid Shoebat unveils how the Kenyan Obamas spread radical Islam through the disguise of charity.

Jamie Glazov’s New Book: “High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown”


Frontpage editor delivers a powerful series of symposia that address the most vital issues of our age.

Pamela Geller on The Jamie Glazov Show


A leading freedom fighter discusses the war on free speech.

Video: Jamie Glazov on Obama’s Betrayal of Free Speech


An American president kowtows before violent Islamic supremacist intimidation.

Photo Album of Jamie Glazov’s Town Hall on Sharia, Islamic Law and the U.S. Constitution in Mission Viejo, CA


An All-Star cast and the citizens of Orange County come to be heard.