Think Progress issues a slanderous report on "Islamophobia" designed to silence critics of Islamic terror.

Think Progress -- an organization created by George Soros and the Clintons -- has joined the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas-spinoff CAIR and assorted Marxist groups in issuing a report on "Islamophobia," which is a smear category designed to silence critics of Islamic terror, Islamic misogyny and Islamic hatred of Jews, gays, Christians, Hindus and other "infidels." The report claims that seven foundations contributed $42 million to sponsor the leaders of the Islamophobia movement. Robert Spencer and I are prominent among the targeted villains.

Robert has already responded here.  On Monday Frontpage will post a new pamphlet we have written called "Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future" which documents the creation of the term "Islamophobia" by the Muslim Brotherhood as a weapon designed to silence its critics.

In the meantime, let me deconstruct one of the numerous lies which this "report" retails, which is the matter of the $42 million. $42 million is the kind of figure that progressive fascists like George Soros give out in a single year to organizations like Think Progress. The $42 million mentioned in the report is the total given by the seven foundations it smears over a decade for many many causes unrelated to criticism of Islamic terror, misogyny and Jew-hatred.

Secondly, ninety-percent of the funding for the David Horowitz Freedom Center comes from 100,000 individual donors -- not foundations. The principal funding for Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch comes from the Freedom Center. The Think Progress report is a typical fascistic attempt to silence critics and scare donors from supporting their efforts to inform the American public about the threats we face from the Islamic jihad. Needless to say all Muslims are not jihadists or terrorists or bigots. But too many are. Muslim terrorists have a vested interest in accusing their critics of being anti-Muslim. Think Progress has joined them as enablers. This is a sad day for American liberalism and a troublesome day for America.