Soros Firsters Bash Israel

Cronies of an anti-American billionaire play the patriotism card.

When the far left took on the far right's habit of referring to Jews who don't support their drive for the destruction of Israel as "Israel Firsters" they forgot one important thing. To accuse someone else of being unpatriotic, you have to be able to assert your own patriotism. To accuse someone else of dual loyalty, you first have to be loyal to the United States.

The Muslim bloggers at the Center for American Progress, an Obama Administration think tank funded by George Soros, a Nazi collaborating billionaire, along with a secret list of other rogue titans, have no such credibility, not because they are Muslim, but because they have a long record of undermining and attacking American national defense and national security. The Soros Shadow Party may use the name "American" in organizations such as the Center for American Progress or the New America Foundation but those groups are invariably Anti-American.

When Zaid Jilani, a blogger at the Center for American Progress, uses "Israel Firsters," no one bothers to ask him the obvious question. What country does he put first? It certainly isn't the United States whose foreign policy Jilani has blamed for Muslim terrorism against America. When making that argument Zaid Jilani claimed, "saying that instantly gets you labeled a Blame America Firster or some other kind of nonsense."

Jilani, like most of his colleagues, is indeed a Blame America Firster. The Center for American Progress is really The Center for Blaming America First, which gives it very little credibility when it decides to tar anyone to the right of them, a wide swath of the populace that covers anyone who doesn't believe that all our problems with Islamic terrorism are due to a few million Jews living in the 9 miles between Tel Aviv's view of the Mediterranean and the West Bank’s Muslim terrorist encampments filled with people so angry and hate-filled that they could only find work as Jihadists or blogging at the Center for American Progress.

But when Jilani complained two years ago that Americans irrationally hate and smear Pakistan, no one called him a Pakistan Firster. When he wrote last year, "As a Pakistani-American, I’ve grown up caught between two worlds: the United States, the rich country that is the world’s lone superpower, and Pakistan, the troubled land of my parent’s birth (sic)" and concluded with an observation of the book he was discussing that "the motivations of Al Qaeda were obscured or misinterpreted in the major media narratives about the attacks, and that the terrorists viewed themselves as retaliating against American foreign policy," he had done far more to earn the label of a Pakistan Firster than any of his targets had to earn the label of Israel Firster.

Ali Gharib, another Center for American Progress blogger, accused a Republican Senator who supported sanctions against Iran of not caring about anyone but Israel. But Gharib, CAP's point man on opposing sanctions on Iran, cares mainly about Iran acting like, dare one say it, an Iran Firster. What kind of sanctions on Iran is Gharib opposed to? Any sanctions really. An extensive Think Progress post by him last month warned against barring American companies that do business through Iran's central bank. Iran's central bank CBI is government owned and finances its terrorist activities. Its governor is a stooge of genocidal lunatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Opposing bipartisan sanctions that would undermine the Iranian regime and its leading madman is not exactly the behavior of a great patriot.

Obviously Zaid Jilani has a special feeling for Pakistan as Ali Gharib, who describes himself as a "Proud Iranian-American," does for Iran, yet there is nothing productive to be gained by tarring them with such labels as Pakistan Firster or Iran Firster. Name-calling does nothing to enhance the dialogue; neither do accusations of treason. It's not unreasonable for Jilani and Gharib to have special sympathies for the countries of their ancestry or to engage in special pleading on their behalf, even if that pleading is thinly disguised as analysis. What is ridiculous is for them to go on the warpath against anyone who doesn't share their national hatreds for Israel by accusing them of being Israel Firsters.

But the antics of Zaid Jilani and Ali Gharib tell us more about the Center for American Progress and the willingness of the left to descend into stereotypical bigotry that is inconsistent with their own program in order to demonize the opposition. Faiz Shakir, the editor of CAP's Think Progress blogs where Jilani and Gharib's writings appear, admitted in an email that some of the language used was anti-Semitic, but it isn't really the language that is the issue.

The Center for American Progress is the brain of the Obama Administration, the think tank whose talking points feed back and forth out of the White House and into the media. Its attitude that anyone who defends Israel is the enemy speaks volumes about the ideological tenor in the highest offices of this government. Jilani and Gharib are at CAP because they fit its agenda and CAP fits the agenda of its corrupt billionaire backers. And it's that agenda, more than the slurs of some of CAP's bloggers who are doing the dirty work that they are paid to do, that should really worry anyone who cares about the future of this country and the free world.

George Soros has said, "It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out." In 2003 we all began living out Soros' power mad fantasies when he declared that the central focus of his life was to force Bush out of office. That same year the Center for American Progress came into being under the impetus and with the financial backing of America's newest self-made god.

Taking the loot of a Nazi collaborator to smear the United States of America is an ugly enough thing that denies those who let the dirty money cross their palms the right to spout on about patriotism. It is even uglier when a man who described his role in the Holocaust as the most exciting time in his life enlists flunkies to spread his hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

The most damning allegation to be made is "Soros Firster." Soros has always looked after his own interests first. His delusions of grandeur lead him to place himself above the world and ordinary mortals. And those who serve him in his Shadow Party and pursue his agenda have no loyalty to any country or creed. They are Soros Firsters.

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