Racists For Ron Paul

The congressman and his followers have a troubling problem in their "revolution."

Yesterday, FrontPage Magazine featured an article by Joseph Klein critical of Congressman Ron Paul's proposal that the US use the "Golden Rule" in dealing with radical Islamists. As usual, Ron Paul followers descended on the article, unloading a wealth of hateful invective and anti-Semitic comments. A typical occurrence with such articles, the following selection of comments from the piece reflect a dark and disturbing sector of the Ron Paul movement. (Note: comments have not been edited for spelling or grammar.)


"Why don't you quote some scripture from the jewish talmud, like any non jew is subhuman and is on earth to be a jew slave. You are either a fool or are being paid by your jewish masters to write this filth. I am amerian, I do not pledge alegience to israel and I don't care what happens to them just like I don't care what happens to the arab country"

"LOL - I never can figure out how all the obvious fascists ended up Zionists?"

"This 'journalist' reminds me of the Jews who chose to spare Barabas over Christ. Sad, really..."

"Surprise surprise, another Zionist hit job against Dr. Paul from the loons at FPM. You Israel-firsters are getting pretty desperate, aren't you? Anyone who doesn't bend over and kiss Bibi's rear isn't a worthy puppet for you people, huh? What a disgraceful, treasonous lot you are. You are the primary reason why anti-Semitism still exists in the world, and you owe all the Jews of upstanding character (i.e., anti-Zionist) in the world a giant debt for the trouble you've caused them. Indeed, Jews would be a lot better off in the long run if Israel were erased from the pages of time."

"Joseph Kleim is such a bad man that he believes even the Golden Rule is an object that belongs to the Jews, and is something to not only use for evil but to prevent other people from having. Really, Joseph? The Golden Rule is Jews' intellectual property? You are wicked."

"bloodthirsty AIPAC Neocon war profiteers"

"Interesting Perspective. We give Israel over 5 Billion a year in foreign aid. Some of it not just financial but hardware. I am sure Israel would never start a smear and fear campaign to ensure they keep getting our tax payer dollars. www.jewwatch.com"

"A 'twist on the Judeo-Christian Golden Rule'?! You are the person whom Jesus was referring to when he said (to paraphrase): 'Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.' Or, 'But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken.' Daft is not a good enough word for you Mr. Klein - you are Shylock. Take your pound of flesh."