Israel Is the New Sudetenland. And Obama?

Eerie similarities between events that led to the "Munich agreement" and the dangers facing the Jewish State today.

Not only is it the case that President Barack Obama will never attack Iran or support an Israeli attack, but his policy of acquiescence is giving the Iranian Ayatollahs exactly what they are looking for: time to complete a nuclear process and build an atomic device.

While the “5+1” Group (the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) was in Baghdad to talk with the Iranians, U.N. inspectors announced that Tehran had installed 350 new centrifuges at the Fordow underground facility and that they found uranium enriched to 27 percent at the site (closer to bomb-grade material).

Perhaps Israel is missing the train and the Iranian nuclear facilities already passed the famous “point of no return.” But in one way or another, the White House is certainly closing in on Israel and narrowing its vital windows of opportunity. And if re-elected, Obama, in his second term, will not attack Iran even as a last resort. Not needing Florida’s Jewish votes and true to his ideology of Western appeasement, Obama will re-enforced his “containment policy,” leading to a nuclear, hegemonic Iran.

The tragedy that befell the Czechs merits remembering, not only because it was a milestone of the 20th century, but because it is the most relevant to our situation in two ways: the Iranian nuclear race and the demands for territorial withdrawal from strategically important highlands (the Sudeten mountains in the case of Czechoslovakia and the highlands of Samaria and Judea in the case of Israel).

On September 29, 1938, the Czechoslovak state was truncated and deprived of defensible borders by the “Munich agreement.” Six months later, abandoned by its allies England and France, and bullied by Adolf Hitler, Czechoslovakia lay down and died. Like Israel today, the Czechs were accused of “intransigence” and of being “disturbers of the peace.” They were so disheartened that in the end they chose not to fight, but to surrender. “Peace” meant capitulation.

Czechoslovakia’s situation in 1938 is in fact similar to Israel’s in 2012. Like Israel’s IDF, the Czechs had one of the strongest armies in Europe. Like Israel, Czechoslovakia was a very young and vibrant state. Like Israel, Czechoslovakia was the only liberal democracy in Eastern Europe. And like the Obama administration's pressing Israel to give up its settlements to the Arabs, the Nazis demanded the annexation of the Sudeten Land, settled by three million Germans. And the Sudeten mountains, like Israel’s “occupied territories,” were the only position from which the Bohemian plain, and the capital Prague, was defensible.

Like Hitler’s demand of “land for peace,” in the name of “peace” Obama is pressing Israel to give up Judea and Samaria, the final line of defense before the Coastal Plain against a hostile Iranian proxy state seated high on the hills only 12 miles from Tel Aviv and just three miles from Israel’s only international airport. That’s why Israel’s legendary diplomat Abba Eban called the borders established following the 1967 Six-Day War “Auschwitz borders.” And does anyone remember how Lord Trenchard got up in the British parliament after Munich and declared that the Czechs didn't need the Sudeten territories for security? “The best security border,” Trenchard said, “is peace.” Sound familiar?

Like the cowardly British diplomats flew to Munich to sign the Sudetenland over to Hitler, the Western appeasers last week went to Baghdad (and next month in Russia) to mortgage Israel’s survival. And as Chamberlain sold out the brave Czech democracy to “Herr Hitler,” as Winston Churchill called him, Obama bowed to Iran’s Supreme Guide, Ayatollah Khamenei. Like Hitler, the Iranians have learned how to exploit the Western naivëte to extend their hegemony over all the Middle East. If Hitler’s club was the threat of war, the Iranians’ weapons are the centrifuges in Fordow, Natanz, Isfahan and Parchin.

Just as Hitler sought to “liberate” humanity by gassing the Jews, the Iranian eschatological cult proclaims it will “liberate” humanity by vaporizing “the Zionists.” As the Nazis managed to destroy everything Jewish from the Pyrenees to Stalingrad, the Iranians went to Buenos Aires to kill Jews. But if to destroy the Jewish people Hitler needed to burn the world, all that Iran needs today is to burn a territory smaller than Vermont.

If in 1939 Hitler entered Prague without firing a shot and Czechoslovakia was wiped off the map, in 2013 the Iranians could need "just" a shot: a nuclear rocket on Tel Aviv.

And unfortunately, like in 1939 too many Jews refuse to identify the danger until they are at the gates of a new Auschwitz.

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