Bosch Fawstin's The Infidel #2 Now Available!

A brilliant serialized graphic novel tells the story of our sad and foolish age. Don't miss it.

Ace counter-jihad illustrator Bosch Fawstin's superb THE INFIDEL #2 is out now. You can download a copy here.

THE INFIDEL is a serialized graphic novel about twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka, whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. Killian responds to the atrocity by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, while Salaam fully surrenders to Islam. Pigman's battle against his archenemy SuperJihad is echoed by the escalating conflict between the twins.

All too accurate, all too real, this novel takes you into the mind and heart of a dedicated warrior for freedom as he stands tall against true believers in jihad who are willing to kill for their belief, supine and willfully blind dhimmis and Useful Idiots, and other features of the contemporary landscape. Strikingly original, deeply insightful, and powerfully moving, THE INFIDEL #2 is the story of our sad and foolish age. Don't miss it.

Download a copy here!



Tags: Islam, Jihad, Pigman