2016: Obama's America

A new film featuring author Dinesh D'Souza explores the untold life history of President Obama and what it may mean for America.

A new movie, 2016: Obama's America, features author Dinesh D'Souza traveling the world to unravel the life history of President Barack Obama and along the way D'Souza makes some stunning discoveries about Obama's father's views, not only with regard to anti-colonialism, but also with regard to the state of Israel and the views of those who have influenced Obama over the years.

"Obama comes out of a milieu in which the state of Israel is seen as a horrible entity," declared Daniel Pipes. "Edward Said was his professor at Columbia, a leading anti-Zionist. Rashid Khalidi was his friend in Chicago, a important anti-Israel professor, and Ali Abunimah was an activist blogger from Chicago, who’s far more vicious than either of those two. And these were his buddies that we know about."

"The world could be a pretty scary place in 2016," declared D'Souza in the film. "Israel brought to its knees, America’s defenses weakened, the Muslim world united. But America would still be a rich country. How does Obama change that? How does he restore the world before colonialism? Actually, there is a way, and it’s a beautiful way. I call it, debt as a weapon of mass destruction."

Watch a clip from 2016: Obama's America below:

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