Framed Filmmaker in Hiding to Escape Muslim Head Hunters

An innocent man wrongly linked to "Innocence of Muslims" now has a bounty on his head.

Filmmaker and FrontPage Magazine contributor Eric Allen Bell remains in hiding, a bounty now placed on his head, after he was falsely linked to the Internet film, "The Innocence of Muslims," which ridiculed Islam and Mohammed and has served as a pretext for unhinged Muslim violence around the world.

Bell, who recounted his terrible ordeal recently at FrontPage, spoke with us from an undisclosed location and said that he won’t be intimidated.

“If they’re trying to scare me, it won’t work. I’m more convinced than ever that the religion of peace is anything but peaceful,” said Bell.

Bell stipulated again that he had nothing to do with any of the production of "The Innocence of Muslims," whose actual filmmaker has been questioned by authorities and has also gone into hiding.

“I didn’t make the film. If I made something that mocks the prophet I would stand behind it.”

Nonetheless, Bell has received countless graphic death threats, particularly via Facebook (from accounts that still remain in operation), as well as threats of rape to his family. One Facebook user, Zahid Fazil, said:

“eric u dont knw wht u have done we will destroy u & ur country for this aftr tht u wll regret we wll destry ur famly & fuck thm also israel u mother fuker”

Another said: “Dog i wll kill u fuck u daugther idoit”

More can be read here.

Bell has been writing articles critical of Islam since January 2012. He said that he’s written articles critical of, among other things, the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in America. This has put him in the crosshairs.

“I’ve made a lot of enemies,” said Bell.

Bell said that starting last Wednesday, he began to receive death threats. The threats gained momentum on Thursday, and on Friday, they got even more serious. Bell was advised to relocate to a safe house and he notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the threats.

The threats came, said Bell, following a series of blog posts on the website The America Muslim. The writer, Sheila Musaji, denied any involvement in linking Bell to the film.

Despite her denial, Bell said that shortly after the posts appeared he received a number of threatening messages on his Facebook page.

“Simultaneously, someone created a collage on Facebook,” linking him and others to the film, said Bell. Bell said that he repeatedly complained to Facebook about the threats but received no response. Instead, he said that following another story about him in the British newspaper the Guardian, his own access to his Facebook page was denied.

Bell said that these threats are an assault on his own First Amendment rights.

“This is a First Amendment issue, whether you agree with me or not,” continuing, “Where is Hollywood on this?”

Bell pointed out that the movie "The People Versus Larry Flynt" dealt with the free speech rights of the notorious pornographer, Larry Flynt.

“If they believe in free speech for a pornographer, why not me?” said Bell.

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