High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown

Dr. Jamie Glazov's new book issues a dire warning.

Reprinted From Family Security Matters.

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While the nation was focused on the economy, Jamie Glazov, to his great credit, gathered a stellar group of intellectuals to conduct a series of roundtable discussions on the Middle East and Arab/Muslim extremism; Russia's renewed aggressiveness; America's possible military decline; the unending search for moderation in Islam; energy independence; and breaking away from the leftist cult and dogma.

Dr. Glazov, who holds a Ph.D. in History with specialties in U.S., Russian, and Canadian foreign policy, is editor of Frontpage.com where these symposiums appeared. They are now compiled in his new book, "High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown." As harbingers of our present national crisis, they are essential reading.

How timely and ironic that the first chapter is titled "The Mismanaged War Against Libya" (March 2011) and deals with our response to the uprising against Qaddafi. Lt. General Miahil Pacepa was the highest official to defect from the Soviet Union. Here are his prescient words:

"All we know for certain about the "freedom fighters" opposing Gaddafi is that they fight with Kalashnikov in hand, and that Kalashnikovs have no history of promoting freedom...A recent article in Le Monde goes a step further, revealing that these "brave Libyan freedom fighters" are dominated by jihadists espousing the same complaints of "Westoxification" accompanied by the Jew-hatred and broader infidel-hatred that permeates the Arab world."

For good measure Robert Spencer reminds us:

"But he (Obama) didn't explain how acting forcibly to remove Gaddafi would indeed be in America's best interests....It is unlikely that he will be succeeded by Thomas Jefferson. The fact that Gaddafi is a reprehensible human being and no friend of the United States does not automatically turn his opponents into Thomas Paine."

In the chapter "The Shadow of the KGB" (February 2011), Glazov assembles a group of Soviet dissidents including Vladimir Bukovsky, Pavel Stroilov, Lt. General Ion Pacepa, with intellectuals and academics to discuss Russia's renewed aggressiveness and nuclear buildup.

Glazov is a splendid moderator whose own background in the Soviet Union gives him a unique window into current policies. He begins the discussion by reminding the reader that the United States ostensibly uprooted evil Soviet ideology in 1991, and Russia is seen as a friend and discounted as an adversary although much of its ideology and government are still controlled former KGB officers and their acolytes. Not quite a "reset" as some would have it.

In a symposium titled "Fear that Geert Wilders is Right," (July 2010) Roger Simon, Kenneth Levin and Robert Spencer discuss the desperate search for "moderate Islam" and any jurisprudence that would renounce the obligation to violent jihad, and the role of Dutch statesman Geert Wilders in alerting the West to Islam, Sharia and Jihad. All agree that most of Geert Wilders' critics indulge in wishful thinking that he is wrong. Robert Spencer's robust and articulate closing statement is an inspiring response to the appeasers and the nonsense that critics of Sharia and Jihad are "Islamophobic":

"We beg no longer, we entreat no more. We petition no more. We defy them!....We are not haters. We are not racists. We are not bigots. Those who claim otherwise are....abetting a monstrous evil.....We must not treat journalists as if they were objective reporters when they are ideologues and propagandists...."

In May 2008, Robert McFarlane, Robert Zubrin, Gal Luft and Anne Korin, who all have excellent credentials in the search for energy independence discussed "Energy Independence and the Terror War" and the urgency of destroying the oil cartel which makes America dependent and holds our foreign policy hostage to those oil producing nations which harbor, enable, and fund terrorism. McFarlane had the last word: "We must also stress that the global war against Islamism-especially as its financial support grown in proportion to oil revenues flowing to the Persian Gulf - will someday go nuclear."

Today, four years later, we have a government and bloated Department of Energy...but we are no closer to energy independence. The opposite is true as this administration continues to stonewall and deter domestic drilling, clean coal and a pipeline from Canada.

The title of Jamie Glazov's new book, "High Noon for America- The Coming Showdown" is ominous and evokes the classic 1952 American Western movie " High Noon" in which a town marshal, is forced to face a gang of killers. The story is complicated by the marshal's wife a pacifist Quaker who has convinced her husband to turn in his badge and leave law enforcement.

It is a metaphor for America and the predominant pacifist mindset that has blurred our vision of American exceptionalism and our understanding of the dangers and enemies and threats that confront us. In the movie, the good guy wins and triumphs, and in this book the good guys discuss our failures, our possibilities and the strategy for our future and survival.

Jamie Glazov presents a treasure trove of thinking and discussion on topics that plague us today. If the good guys do win at the coming showdown, this book reminds us of the value of intellectual challenge and debate and the courage to dissent from prevailing bias and confront our enemies.

Read it and follow it up with online visits to The Glazov Gang and the interviews conducted by Glazov on Frontpage.com where Glazov who holds a Ph.D in history with specialties in U.S., Russian, and Canadian foreign policy is editor.

Dr. Glazov has graciously consented to an interview:

RK: Dr. Glazov, tell us about your background, your family and your exile.

JG: My parents, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were dissidents in the former Soviet Union. They fought the Evil Empire; they put their lives on the line for freedom against tyranny. Because of that experience, I love and cherish freedom and that is why I love America. So when I see an administration that wants to "transform" the most beautiful country in the world -- that doesn't need to be transformed -- and who reaches his hand out in solidarity to America's enemies, rather than confront them and fight to protect what makes America great, I get extremely concerned.

RK: During the Cold War, academics and the media as well as many in government minimized Soviet repression and aggressiveness and derided those who dissented. Do you see the same mindset with respect to Islam, Sharia and Jihad?

JG: Yes absolutely, the denial practiced by the Left is in full gear. The Left cannot accept the evil of our totalitarian and terrorist enemies, because if it accepts the evil of adversary cultures and systems, it would have to accept that our society and way of life is superior and, therefore, worth protecting and defending. This is anathema to the Left, because its main objective is to wage war on its host society and to destroy democracy and capitalism. The evil of our adversaries therefore has to be denied, and that is why the Left is also so indifferent to the victims of Islamic and communist terror.

RK: Israel has appeased Arab demands since the Camp David Accords. Concomitantly, international anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate. What are your thoughts on that?

JG: The more Israel does to please its enemies, the more it is reviled by its enemies. Giving land and money to jihadists will not take their hate away for Israel -- or for any kafir. Islamic theology teaches its believers that it is their duty to hate and kill Jews. We have to face that reality. And we have to confront anti-Semitism head on. Appeasement never works. Israel must confront those who it and we, as freedom loving people, must stand strongly behind Israel.

RK: There is an ongoing debate on the search for Islamic Moderation. Do you think a real "reformation" is possible or likely?

JG: Whether it is likely or not should not stop us from supporting those Muslims who want to reform Islam, to democratize it and to bring it into the modern world. I operate out of a love for the Muslim people and that is why I dedicate my life to those Muslims who suffer under Sharia, especially Muslim women who are the victims of Islamic gender apartheid.

It is the Left that is heartless toward Muslims, because it ignores the victims of Islamic totalitarianism and terror. And we have to confront one important reality: the issue is not about Muslims. There are many "good" Muslims, in the sense that they are for peace, don't hate infidels, do not want to subjugate the infidel etc. But these Muslims are considered bad Muslims by Islam, because there is no moderate Islam. Islam teaches Islamic supremacism. The sooner we accept this reality and deal with it the better. The Muslims who want to make a "moderate Islam" would have to create a whole new Islam. I am not sure how realistic that is, but it is better than not trying anything at all. We must back all Muslims who want to have a more humane religion, while we stay completely honest about what their religion is and teaches.

RK: Do you have any predictions or suggestions with respect to Russia?

JG: Putin is a Mafioso KGB thug who is running a thugocracy in Russia. The communists who ruled the Soviet Union have reconsolidated their power under different masks. What a disgrace it is that the president of the Unite d States is not everyday speaking out on behalf of people like Mikhail Khodorkovsky who are languishing in Putin's gulag. The way that Obama is bowing before Putin's thugocracy and is promising it all kinds of nice things when he has more "flexibility" after the election is reflective of how he is selling out America and freedom in the face of our jihadist enemy. We need to be on the side of human rights in Russia and on the side of those who are being persecuted by Putin, like the imprisoned band members of "Pussy Riot," and not shaking hands with the persecutors, the way Obama is shamelessly doing.

RK: Thank you very much Dr. Glazov for your book, your work and for taking the time for this interview.

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