Fraud and Racketeering at CAIR

How CAIR defrauded Muslims.

35,000 Pakistanis have been killed in Muslim terrorist attacks since September 11. The death toll in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, which mostly consist of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, is swiftly rising through the tens of thousands. While it’s obvious that Islamists victimize non-Muslims, it’s not always noted that they victimize Muslims first.

The first goal of every Islamist movement, from your political Islamists to your unfriendly neighborhood Islamist militia toting its black flags and assault rifles around the yard, is to set up a corrupt totalitarian system in a Muslim country that will dismantle what few human rights and legal protections had existed earlier and replace them with a judicial system run by the three blind men who memorized the most Koran verses while sitting in a corner somewhere. This system is invariably much worse than what came before it. And those who live under it are mostly Muslims.

The Islamist tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood are every bit as unethical and as abusive as their parent organization. In Australia the country’s leading Islamic group is under investigation for not only defrauding the Australian government, but for also defrauding its own associated Muslim schools. And in the United States, David Yerushalmi’s lawsuit against CAIR’s abuses of its own clients has continued wending its way through the courts for four years.

The lawsuit in question is much less glamorous than those that deal directly with CAIR’s terrorist associations, but it also goes to the heart of the corrupt and corrupting nature of Islamist organizations.

On Nov 23, 2008, Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, was served with a summons by Dave Gaubatz of the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) on behalf of the former clients of CAIR who had been defrauded by CAIR and by Morris J. Days, a convert to Islam, who worked as CAIR-Virginia’s civil rights manager and resident attorney, despite not actually being licensed to practice law.

Dave’s son Chris had uncovered the fraud while working undercover as an intern when he was asked to shred documents as part of a cover up by CAIR of their part in what would become known as the Days Fraud Scheme.

During the Days Fraud Scheme, for two years Morris Days fraudulently took money from clients while CAIR stood by and allowed the fraud scheme to continue. Days had never been to law school and had no license. His legal work on behalf of the clients that CAIR introduced him to was at about the level you would expect from a man who had leafed through more drunk driving convictions than law papers and had spent some time in prison. Days falsely claimed to have filed cases that he never filed, cadged money for personal loans and strung his clients along.

It is a testament to CAIR’s conspiratorial mindset that its default mode was the cover up. CAIR did not take any action against Days until the complaints against him grew too vociferous. They did not make any restitution to Days’ clients or even inform Days’ clients that the CAIR resident attorney, who had represented 100 clients and taken payments from 30 of them, was not actually an attorney at all.

When CAIR had to communicate with Days’ clients, it lied to them and claimed that he was a contractor, not an employee. CAIR bullied some into signing a Release of Claims Document that prohibited them from discussing Days’ actions with law enforcement or their own lawyers on penalty of having to pay CAIR $25,000 in damages.

Days’ clients, who had already paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to him and entrusted him with sensitive and important cases, including a divorce proceeding and an immigration status case, were further damaged when CAIR conspired to conceal from them that they had been the victims of a fraud scheme and that the legal work done on their behalf was severely compromised by a fraud who was not actually an attorney.

CAIR further victimized their fellow Muslims to protect their own reputation. In some cases, Days’ clients continued paying him money even after CAIR had ended its association with him, because CAIR officials failed to inform them that Days was not an actual attorney.

CAIR’s cover up, which extended to shutting down CAIR-Virginia, led to a RICO lawsuit. The case is still ongoing, four years later, and while it may not seem like a very glamorous legal matter, its existence serves as a reminder that while CAIR pretends to be a Muslim civil rights group, it is only interested in and invested in its own agendas.

With the Days Fraud Scheme, CAIR put its own power and personnel ahead of the welfare of its Muslim clients. It not only demonstrated the same blatant disregard for the rules that has become the hallmark of an organization so closely linked to terrorists, but by employing Morris Days it showed that its interest in representing Muslim clients in their legal cases was only a front for pursuing its own lawfare agendas disguised as civil rights cases.

Like the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR exists only to exploit and coerce Muslims and non-Muslims in its relentless pursuit of power. Its goals do not include helping anyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, but are solely concentrated on positioning the front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States as the official representatives of Muslims in America.

It is a given that CAIR, like all of the Muslim Brotherhood’s front groups, will act to deceive non-Muslims, but the Days Fraud Scheme reminds us that like all Islamist groups, CAIR begins by deceiving and using Muslims. Islamist oppression begins with Muslims and then extends to non-Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in all its forms and guises, is a predatory organization, and a secretive and dishonest one. All those behaviors were on display at CAIR-Virginia in the Days Fraud Scheme. CAIR claims to be a civil rights organization dedicated to protecting Muslims, but its actions in the Days Fraud Scheme case suggest that even Muslims are in need of protecting from CAIR.

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