Michelle Antoinette's Big B-Day Bash

The Obamas' common man image comes crashing down.

This week the Obama administration announced that due to the awful, terrible, nasty, horrible sequestration, they would have to shut down the White House tours for the public. The same week, a White House source told the Daily Mail that Michelle Obama was planning a birthday blowout for her 50th. In attendance: Adele and Beyonce.

The White House did say that the Obamas would pay for the party. But that’s highly unlikely – it’s supposed to take place at the White House, which requires Secret Service protection, high-class dining, and all the fringe benefits.

The White House website currently carries a populist quote from Michelle Obama: “It’s the ‘People’s House.’ It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome. And that’s why my husband and I have made it our mission to open up the house to as many people as we can.”

Unless those people don’t earn several million dollars per year for singing. Then they can stick it.

The media has largely ignored this rather obvious example of Obama hypocrisy. Why? Because to point out the fact that Barack and Michelle are elitists would undercut the leftist narrative that they represent the people, while the Republican Party represents the 1%. A cursory look at reality shows precisely the opposite: Washington, D.C. Democrats like Barack and Michelle prefer to hang with the jet set, introduce nominations at the Academy Awards, golf with Tiger, and shop in Europe – all while claiming to be the voices of the people. They tax everyday Americans in the name of fairness, then claim that they’re truly taxing the top earners.

That’s not to say that Republican insiders aren’t also elitists. They are. But a least they cop to it; and  they’re not celebrity hounds to boot. Perhaps that’s a reflection of the GOP’s icy relationship with Tinseltown. Or perhaps it’s because the rich folks Republicans hang with aren’t singers and actors, but businessmen and women who actually create jobs for others. Say all you want about the Koch brothers, but they’ve created thousands of jobs. Mariah Carey has created jobs, too: reports say that she demands an assistant to walk in front of her facing her so that she can be caught if she trips, an assistant to carry toilet paper, an assistant to hold drinks up to her great maw to allow her to sip without raising her arms. Now that’s a stimulus package!

The media has crafted an image of the Obamas utterly at odds with reality. But that’s what Obama wants. It’s why he travels the country, sleeves rolled up on his forearms, top button undone. It’s why he pretends to shoot skeet. It’s why he won’t allow photographers to catch him on the golf course too often.

Obama knows the power of the images. That’s because he’s close with Hollywood. Hanging out with the glitterati pays off in more ways than one. Plus, you get great birthday guests.

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