The Rachel Corrie The New York Times Doesn’t Want You to See

On the 10th anniversary of her death, the Left continues to whitewash a hateful anti-Israel radical.

March 16, 2013 marked the 10-year anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, the radical anti-American, anti-Israeli provocateur who was accidentally killed while interfering with an Israeli anti-terror operation in the Gaza Strip. Corrie, a former member of the extremist International Solidarity Movement, is considered by those wishing to vilify the Jewish State as a hero and her name has become a rallying cry for Islamo-fascists and their radical leftist supporters the world over.

We have come to expect dishonesty from groups like the ISM. They claim to engage in non-violent protest but their members have more than once been caught aiding and abetting terror. Some have been pictured holding AK-47 assault rifles while gleefully smiling for the cameras while others have attempted to facilitate the escape of known terrorists. As a result, most people who cross paths with the ISM quickly recognize that they are a radical, marginal group, not dissimilar from radical European anarchists, who espouse views that are an anathema to those who cherish democratic principles. They are thus rightfully dismissed as a misguided, lunatic fringe and while their activities may be annoying and cause headaches for the authorities, they are no more harmful than a pesky mosquito on a hot summer’s night.

The problem, however, becomes more acute when a so-called mainstream paper takes up the ISM cause by deliberate use or misuse of misleading photos that attempt to portray the ISM in a positive light. The New York Times has time and again demonstrated a pernicious bias against the State of Israel. As recently as March 16, it featured an article by the infamous Jodi Rudoren in which she referred to housing for Jews in their own capital as “settlements” that “complicate” the prospects for peace. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the New York Times, when covering news items relating to Rachel Corrie, repetitively feature the same photo depicting her as an angelic figure in Western style dress, a piercing gaze with flowing blond hair and a pair of sunglasses resting fashionably on her head.

The message that the Times is attempting to convey is patently obvious – that Corrie was not a radical extremist but rather your everyday all-American. The truth is quite the opposite, however. Corrie was in fact rabidly anti-American and it goes with out saying, an insidious opponent of the Jewish state. I performed a Google image search of Rachel Corrie and quite easily found images of her in the midst of an Islamist demonstration, dressed in conservative Islamist clothing, shrouded in black. She is seen screaming, frothing at the mouth while shredding and burning an American flag. It is a violent, brutish display performed in full view of young, impressionable children and in effect, represents a malevolent form of child abuse, one that facilitates the formation of odious views in those most susceptible. In addition, her contorted, near animal-like face,  portrays a disturbing image of a women consumed with hate – hate of America, hate of the West, hate of Israel and hate of Jews.

Of course, this is not the image that the New York Times wishes to convey. The Times prefers to steer its readers to a different narrative, one that seeks to glorify those who wish to see the destruction and dismantling of Israel. The Times’ selective and nefarious misuse of photos and its consistent biased reporting in the finest traditions of yellow journalism demonstrate in no uncertain terms why this paper has rendered itself completely irrelevant and no more than a mere mouthpiece for assorted radicals and rejectionist Palestinian groups.

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