$1,000 Essay and Video Contest: Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out

Win big! Tell us who the bad guys are pretending to be good.

This is one of those truths that has become so self-evident today that Frontpagemag.com has adopted it as a motto on its masthead. At the same time, it is one of those truths, which is so politically incorrect that people are reluctant to express it. You can talk about neo-fascists, neo-liberals and neo-conservatives, but not neo-communists or neo-totalitarians – not if you want to remain in polite company. That is why we have undertaken the task of promoting the obvious. We are offering two $1000 prizes and a “Bloomie” bobble-head for the best essay and the best 3-5 minute video with the theme: “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out."  “Bloomie,” obviously, is named in honor of NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg who leads the league in totalitarian maneuvers. The contest begins now, April 3, and ends on May 6, at which time all submissions need to be in.

“Nanny state” doesn’t begin to capture what is happening in our world.  Nannies at least look out for their charges.  Liberals don’t really care about anything or anyone but themselves and burnishing their compassionate image. They aren’t concerned with our well-being but with their idea of what we should be.  They know what’s good for us, and they don’t care what we think of it, or whether we like it or not. They want us to do what they think is good for us -- or else. Self-reliant American individualists are their worst nightmare; wild cards they can’t control. Their desire is to exercise power over us, and their goal is to crush our individuality. They aim to achieve this by designing a complex cage of rules that will not only direct our behavior, but ultimately remake us into a people under their thumb -- fearful, docile, dependent on governmental directive, but progressive. Submission, not compassion, is their core value.

This totalitarian impulse has been at the heart of the utopian project since Lenin.  For the Soviets and their Third World lackeys in Cuba and elsewhere, the goal was the creation of the New Man—a worker bee for the state whose private intimate life was as tightly regulated as his political and economic behavior. The enemy of the New Man was human nature itself -- hard-wired in ways that could not be manipulated by social engineers; one of those stubborn facts that defied the uplifting project -- which is what made all those gulags and firing squads necessary.

Today’s liberal totalitarians learned from their predecessors. They don’t rely (yet) on secret police, torture, and “political reeducation.”  Their approach is more indirect. They rely on a maze of laws and administrative rules; and especially on a heavy-handed social consensus that intimidates individuals into conformity. They are in no way deterred by their absurdity. Think Mayor Bloomberg’s relentless assault on New Yorkers by taking away their Big Gulp drinks, regulating smoking in apartment buildings, and restricting painkillers in emergency rooms. No wonder the “Bloomie” will be the icon of our contest.

The totalitarians screaming to get out of liberals like Bloomberg are very ready to break eggs in order to make their social omelet. According to a law proposed by Democrats in Oregon, state police will have the right to conduct inspections in the homes of registered owners of assault weapons and large capacity magazines to confiscate them. So much for those liberal claims that the state won’t use police power to kick down doors to get at guns.  And now that ObamaCare has gotten the camel’s nose under the tent, the president’s advisers are advocating follow-on rules allowing care to be explicitly rationed according to patients’ age.  So much for the liberal claim that the state won’t use its new medical power to determine who lives and dies.

Where does this all stop?  It doesn’t --there is no end to the modifications that progressives want to insert into our make-up. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. There is no end until we’re all trussed up with duck tape over our mouths ready to obey the rules that are good for us.

We need to sound the alarm bell now, and that’s why we’ve devised this contest and are offering  two $1000 prizes for the best essay and the best 3-5 minute video on this subject.  Send your entries to Jamie Glazov ([email protected]), editor of Frontpage, by May 6. A panel including David Horowitz, Peter Collier and Michael Finch will judge this competition. Winners will be announced on May 15 and the winning essay and video will be posted on Frontpagemag.com along with profiles of the author and videographer.

It’s show and tell time. Take a stand against the liberal totalitarians by submitting a video or essay to the Frontpagemag contest.

Submit to [email protected].

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