Obama & Crew Were Right: Yes, We Can!

When it comes to inflicting misery on the country, there is nothing the president can't do.

yeswecan1As President Barack Obama and his supporters told us, "Yes, we can!"  Indeed, five years after Obama was elected to the Oval Office, there are so many firsts which this administration has laid witness to:

Yes, we can fail miserably on domestic and foreign initiatives, consistently, regularly and in a gross manner;

Yes, we can ensure America will be a laughing stock worldwide with an awful, non-consistent foreign policy;

Yes, we can use the IRS to target political enemies in a manner which any communist, totalitarian government would be in awe;

Yes, we can be aloof and arrogant anytime we get criticized;

Yes, we can watch an American ambassador be lynched, an embassy ransacked and have no American reaction (yes, you read that right);

Yes, we can endorse the overthrow of an Egyptian leader who was friendly to America, only to see the hostile, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood take power …  and thereafter get overthrown;

Yes, we can see a Middle East in chaos – partially thanks to Obama’s encouragement of the Arab Spring;

Yes, we can allow Iran to cross all red lines without taking any action whatsoever;

Yes, we can sit by and watch 100,000 people be slaughtered in Syria, hundreds of women be raped, and allow it to happen;

Yes, we can watch Chinese and Russian leaders mock America over the Snowden affair (and indeed, would anyone argue Obama has a better poker face than Putin?);

Yes, we can continue to pressure Israel to make concessions which would endanger America’s closest ally in the Middle East;

Yes, we can have no direction or path to improve the economy, as it continues to lag after 5 years of Obama;

Yes, we can see an American president say he can kill Americans anywhere in the world at his whim;

Yes, we can give great speeches which have no substance and no follow-through, but which still allow Obama to continue to be a great speaker with charisma;

Yes, we can go down in history as the worst American president in many, many years;

Yes, we can set America's legacy back tremendously.

As CEO of 5WPR, I am aware of the many responsibilities of being a CEO.  There can be zero question that Obama has been a complete failure as Chief Executive Officer of America.  The man gives good speeches and is brilliant at Public Relations – but an absolute and complete disaster at everything else.

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