The Left’s Dance With Terror

Why Sean Penn and Oliver Stone wept when Hugo Chavez died.

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Dr. Jamie Glazov’s brilliant book, “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” explains the bizarre love affair that the Left has had for every mass-murdering Communist, Dictator and/or Marxist throughout time.  It chronicles their dangerous obsession with evil from the likes of Stalin and Mao to their current tolerance for all-things-Islam, all the while shouting their anti-capitalistic mantra that “human blood purifies the earth”.

“To be materially comfortable meant to be empty and selfish,” writes Glazov.  “They consider free expression their inalienable right, but hated the society whose institutions gave it to them…”

An especially disturbing case-in-point is found in Chapter 7, “Flirting with Mao’s Executioners” when in 1972,  actress/believer Shirley MacLaine toured communist China. Charmed by the propaganda thrown her way by Mao and company, MacLaine viewed China as a leftist utopia instead of the oppressive, murderous country it really was.  Unfortunately, her belief that the Chinese had caused “the better side of human nature to dominate” involved ignoring the fact that over 70 million Chinese who had been exterminated by her beloved Mao.  As Glazov writes, “The Chinese children who had not died of starvation or been eaten by their starving parents greatly impressed MacLaine.”

Another interesting aspect covered in “United in Hate” is the fact that despite the Left’s “anything goes” mentality here in America, they adore oppression in other countries.  They cheer the unisex clothing of China and the burqas of the Middle East, hypocritically proud of women for covering up any type of sexuality as opposed to the “evil ways of the West”.  Of course what they forget to mention (or choose not to think about) is the fact that these women aren’t given a choice about what to wear and, in fact, are beaten mercilessly if they dare to show their faces in public.

According to Glazov, the self-loathing and guilt associated with living in the greatest country on earth is what drives people like Jane Fonda to climb on the enemy’s tank in Hanoi, or to make Steven Spielberg describe his meeting with Castro as “the most important eight hours of my life.”

(Apparently Spielberg forgot about the birth of his children…but I digress…)

In addition to recommending “United in Hate” to adults, I also recommend you give a copy  to your teenaged children.  If you don’t think they’ll read the entire book, please encourage them to at least read Chapter 10, “To Hate a Woman”.  It is an excellent example of what “hatred” really is–and it has nothing to do with the alleged conservative-driven ‘War against Women’.

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