Savagery and Murder: An Epidemic of Black Violence Against Elderly Whites

Another terrifying racial reality.

For quite some time, Democrats and other leftists have lamented the ample presence of whites in America.  Oprah Winfrey, for example, memorably remarked that for “racism” to end, old whites “are going to have to die.”

Given the pervasive phenomenon of black-on-elderly white violence and murder, and the utter silence about it, it’s admittedly tempting to think that perhaps the extinction of elderly whites can’t happen quickly enough for some of those on the left.

Whatever the reason for the suppression of this epidemic, black-on-elderly white violence is very, very real.

Paul Monchnik survived combat in World War II.  He returned to the United States to build a life and raise a family in Detroit.

Monchnik did not, however, survive the attack on his person and property that 17 year-old George Steward visited upon him in November of last year. 

Steward, a black teen who lived with his grandfather next door to Monchnik, entered the latter’s home, beat him, and lit him on fire.

Last week, Steward was convicted of the grisly murder and issued a 30-60 year prison sentence.

The sight of his childhood home consumed in flames and the blood soaked floor where his dad had been beaten Scott Monchnik described as “a scene from hell.”  This image, as well as the “terrible sickening feeling I get thinking that my dad’s last hour on Earth was filled with horror and pain,” have left Scott and his family “traumatized,” according to The Detroit News.

It’s what Scott said next that is both especially ominous and telling.  The “horror and pain” that his father was made to endure by a young black American male was “worse than anything he went through in the war” (italics added).

Monchnik the senior, his son states, “was brutally taken from us by a monster.”

The monster’s family and friends disagree with this assessment of him.  “I feel sorry for the family and for my family as well,” said Taige Steward, the killer’s sister. Her brother is no “monster,” she insists, for “he honestly feels terrible about what happened.”

A friend of the Stewards, Tyrone Davison, reported that the family wants to appeal George Steward’s sentence.  “It’s an unfortunate situation on both sides,” remarked Davison.  “I think it’s more to the story than what’s been told.”

The reaction on the part of the murderer’s relatives and friends is almost as disturbing as the crime itself.  If an entity that beats nearly to death a man 74 years his senior right before setting him ablaze as he drowns in his own blood isn’t a monster, then what is?  That anyone, relative or no relative, could so much as think to defend, much less do so aloud, anyone who is guilty of such barbarity is in itself revealing.

A gas station employee testified in court that Steward purchased 50 cents worth of gasoline and a lighter the morning that he brought the WWII veteran’s life to a close.

In other words, Steward planned to kill Monchnik.  And he planned to kill him in precisely the way in which he did in fact kill him.

Scott Monchnik said of Steward that he “created a hole in all of us that is filled with anger and hatred, fear and loss.”

The phenomenon of young blacks harming and murdering elderly white people is a dirty little secret that “anti-racists” would prefer to conceal.  But it’s real. It’s pervasive.

As recently as two weeks ago in Jackson, Mississippi, 67 year-old Charles Dukes took a fatal bullet to the back of his head as he sat in his car in the parking lot of a credit union.  Kenjarell Thomas, 16, and Rashaun Crowley, 23, have both been charged with his murder.  As of this moment, it appears the shooting was purely for kicks, for the shooters evidently didn’t rob their prey.

Last week, in Zionsville, Indianna, 82 year-old John Clements was shot dead by a high-powered rifle in his own driveway as he went to get the mail.  The police are searching for a black man who a neighbor saw driving off in a white Chevy Impala immediately after the shooting. 

In July of 2015, another 82 year-old, a Jewish woman and widow of a Holocaust survivor, was in her Brooklyn home when she was met by intruder Asa Roberts, 18.  Roberts, armed with a knife, would rape, beat, choke, and sodomize the little lady over a span of four-and-a-half hours.  The woman initially offered to make Roberts a meal in exchange for sparing her the anguish and physical pain to which he would subject her.  Her offer, unfortunately, was in vain. 

Of her loved one, a relative said of the victim that she “was like a grandmother to him, and he raped her five minutes before he left.”

Roberts, the relative added, “is an animal.” 

Once he had enough, Roberts made his victim swear on “a Jewish bible” not to tell anyone about his crimes.  Then he stole a bag of her deceased husband’s clothes and left.

After Roberts was caught four days later, the victim still feared returning to her home. A relative said that her “injuries are far worse than previously thought” and that she’s “getting worse, not better.”

To compound the injury, Roberts accused his victim of lying.  He didn’t deny breaking into her home, but he denied raping her.

“You can’t imagine how upset we are,” asserted the elderly woman’s relative. “We are livid.  It’s beyond disgusting.”

Roberts, this person said, is “a horrible coward.”

Brutal, murderous black-on-elderly attacks are nothing new.  Upon the publication of my last article on black-on-white violence, a colleague, to my shock, informed me that to this list of victims, I could add her grandfather. 

Albert Angelo Asplint, 70, was living in Houston, Texas in 1993 when he visited Galveston.  Asplint was described by those who knew him as “a nice old man who would have done anything to help somebody.”  True to form, he offered to drive two strangers, Tyrone Darnell Fields, 19, and Ronnie Ray Franklin, 20, to Texas City. 

To repay him for his kindness, the passengers shot Asplint three times and left him to bleed the death along the highway.

Considering that the left bemoans “ageism” and “racism” as obstacles to the creation of the “progressive” society that leftists claim to desire, their refusal to so much as mention the existence of murderous, savage ageism on the part of blacks against elderly whites suggests that they care as much about ageism as they care for racism.   


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