A Left-Wing Group Hijacks Anne Frank to Attack Trump, Endanger Jews

Hijacking the memory of a murdered Jewish girl to aid the murder of more Jewish girls.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

You see Steven Goldstein everywhere these days. He’s on cable news insisting, all evidence to the contrary, that President Trump is anti-Semitic.  

When he does this, the gay rights activist, former Democrat political operative and local news producer, speaks as the head of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.

Meanwhile people in the Jewish community are wondering who Steven Goldstein is and why he’s shamelessly exploiting the memory of a murdered Jewish girl. 

According to his Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, Anne would have supported Elizabeth Warren and opposed Trump’s immigration pause of terror migrants. The organization, which claims to be dedicated to the memory of a murdered Jewish girl, has not mentioned any of the little Jewish girls murdered by Muslim terrorists. Instead it denounces President Trump for trying to protect little Jewish girls from being murdered by the Islamofascist supporters of Nazism.

It said nothing when even the ADL condemned Obama’s anti-Semitic rhetoric in support of an illegal arrangement aiding Iran’s nuclear program. It showed no interest in the actual murder of Jews.

But it did find the time to back Black Lives Matter: an anti-American and anti-Israel hate group.

The Anne Frank Center has been described as a partner organization of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The House has exhibited material comparing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Hitler. Its Foundation has justified Islamic terrorism that has murdered Jewish girls like Anne. Instead of fighting real anti-Semitism, it sermonizes about the dangers of Islamophobia.

But despite its fame, the Anne Frank House, Museum and Foundation have no legitimacy.

The actual keepers of Anne Frank’s legacy are at the Anne Frank Fonds. When the Anne Frank House tried to hold on to some documents it had been displaying, the Anne Frank Fonds went to court and won. The Fonds compared the Frank House’s hijacking to the actions of the Nazis. The same thing can be said of the shameful hijacking of Anne Frank by the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has as little to do with Anne Frank as it does with Respect.

There’s a good reason that Jews are baffled by all the media attention being lavished on Steven Goldstein. His civil rights background isn’t in the Jewish community, but the gay community. He was the founder of Garden State Equality. Then he, and Garden State Equality’s David Smith, took over the Anne Frank Center.

David Smith isn’t Jewish.  But it’s not as if there’s anything Jewish about the Anne Frank Center anyway.

The Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director of Garden State Equality took on those same exact positions at the Anne Frank Center.  Goldstein tweeted a picture of the White House lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate gay marriage, “Godspeed to President @BarackObama and Vice President @JoeBiden for making my people equal.  #ThanksObama @AnneFrankCenter.”

When Steven Goldstein said “my people”, he didn’t mean the Jews.

When Goldstein and Smith took over, the organization’s name was changed to the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.  With the name change also came a change of mission. The press release announced that the organization would “significantly broaden its work on contemporary issues to become a national leader in exposing and fighting hate. “

As Goldstein put it, "We don’t have a pecking order where we fight Antisemitism first and then all other forms of discrimination second."

The Anne Frank Center would no longer be a Jewish organization. It would be a generic left-wing group.

Goldstein had worked for a number of Democrat politicians. He had served as communications director for Senator Lautenberg and as co-campaign manager for Senator Corzine. So it’s no surprise that the Center’s online advocacy is indistinguishable from Democrat talking points.

When Senator Warren got into a fight with Senator McConnell, Goldstein’s post-Jewish Anne Frank Center enlisted a murdered Jewish girl in the service of a left-wing political hack.

“Our Anne Frank would proclaim #WhyIPersist”, “IF ANNE FRANK WERE ALIVE, SHE WOULD PROCLAIM #WhyIPersist” and “IN THE NAME OF ANNE FRANK, WE STAND WITH YOU PROUDLY” were some of the shameful political partisan tweets that the Center put out claiming to speak in her name.

Anne Frank, being dead, gets no actual say in whether she supports Elizabeth Warren.

The most offensive part of Goldstein’s warped version of Anne Frank, was his Center’s insistence on speaking in the name of a murdered Jewish girl unable to defend herself from this horrid exploitation.

According to his Center, “ANNE FRANK would oppose #MuslimBan as racist #Islamophobia and would tell you #RefugeesWelcome #NoBanNoWall” and “ANNE FRANK would stand with #syrianrefugees”.

The memory of a murdered Jewish girl was used to vocally advocate for Muslim migrants, many of whom, like the Muslim Brotherhood, support the murder of Jewish girls today. A poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported aiding Hamas which calls for the extermination of the Jews.

But the Anne Frank Center stands with them over the Jewish girls they will kill.

There wasn’t much “Respect” at the Center either.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect shrieked that Attorney General Sessions was a “grotesque racist”, attacked President Trump for criticizing the media, backed Sally Yates, John Lewis and any other critic of Trump. It cheered Obama despite his use of anti-Semitic rhetoric in support of aiding Iran.

The tone was shrill, abusive and hysterical. Typical tweets included, "NARCISSIST HISTORY DAY.  That's every day for @POTUS" and "WE WANT TO THROW UP over yes votes in Sen Judiciary".

It jumped on false accusations that Uber supported Trump’s migration pause.

The Anne Frank center’s messaging bore no relationship to that of a professional organization.  Like so many progressives, it furiously vented partisan rage at President Trump.

Despite the misleading name, it was incapable of practicing any kind of respect.

But this was unsurprising for an organization run by a man who had once tweeted, “$5,000 REWARD to any computer geek who can hack the new Sarah Palin Channel and show gay porn on it. #LGBT #equality.”

Mutual respect indeed.

The Center’s current pretense that it is a civil rights group objecting to anti-Semitism by the White House falls apart under even the most casual scrutiny of its social media. The Center didn’t object to any one or two things the White House did. It boasted a gross and unrelenting hatred for President Trump.

Sara Cross, the Center’s Asian-American Associate Director for Policy and Programs, responded to President Trump’s inauguration by tweeting “#Resist” and to his victory with, “there is a villain worse than Voldemort and he is now the Leader of the free world”. Cross, a passionate Hillary supporter, also described America as “sexist and ignorant” in response to her candidate’s defeat.

The Center’s people don’t like President Trump because they’re leftists.

And yet the tragedy of the Anne Frank Center is also revealing. It had been an obscure educational center promoting Anne Frank’s memory until it was hijacked and transformed into a hub for left-wing memes exploiting her. The Center has opened a new Manhattan headquarters near Times Square and a Los Angeles office on prestigious Wilshire Boulevard. Where is all that money coming from? There is seemingly more interest in funding a left-wing advocacy group than one memorializing Anne Frank.

The Center has shamefully exploited a murdered Jewish girl to support every cause except ending the murder of little Jewish girls. It doesn’t care about Anne Frank or about Jews. It enthusiastically supports the entry of the Third Reich’s Muslim collaborators to the United States so that they can do to the Jews of the United States what they have been doing to the vanishing Jewish communities of Europe.

Today the collaborators of modern Islamofascism, the supporters of Obama, who illegally transferred billions in foreign currency to allow Iran to fund a nuclear program of extermination, not to mention Hamas and Hezbollah, are using a murdered Jewish girl to enable the murder of more little Jewish girls.


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