Yvette Felarca: Fascistic Warrior of the Left

A true representative of the "anti-fascist" movement.

Yvette Felarca has been posing as a social studies teacher at a public school in Berkeley, California for the past eleven years. But her true calling in life,⸺ what really makes her happy,⸺ is to be a violent revolutionary who helps tear America's social fabric to shreds. In pursuit of that goal, Felarca serves as a national organizer for By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a self-described “militant anti-facist group.” Obviously, being “anti-fascist” sounds pretty unobjectionable at first blush. But to put things in their proper context, BAMN grew out of the Revolutionary Workers League, a Trotskyite entity that favors worldwide socialist revolution and was once the largest black Marxist organization in the New Communist Movement, which openly endorsed violence. Interesting affiliations for a devoted “anti-fascist,” huh?

Moreover, Felarca has been an activist in the anti-capitalist, pro-socialist Occupy Wall Street movement, and a participant in Black Lives Matter protests in California. Black Lives Matter is a black supremacist movement that was founded by Marxist revolutionaries who uniformly revere Assata Shakur, the former Black Panther and convicted cop-killer who has spent decades as a fugitive in Communist Cuba. Again, a curious choice of friends for an “anti-fascist,” huh?

Felarca hates America to its core, because she views it as a nation steeped in toxic white racism. And she's determined to indoctrinate her students with this very same hatred, no matter what the cost. When her school district docked her pay because she had repeatedly violated district rules by using her leave time to attend “immigrant-rights” marches in support of open borders and amnesty, Felarca nevertheless continued to play by her own rules. When the school district eventually scheduled a private meeting to discuss Felarca's insubordination, a gang of young rabble rousers assembled outside the district office to denounce the “harassment” of their “anti-fascist” icon. After that meeting, Felarca posted a Facebook message urging her supporters to sign a petition characterizing her as a heroic role model who should be allowed to use her personal leave time for whatever political purposes she damn well pleased.

In October 2015, Felarca sought permission to take students to a San Francisco immigration court to observe the hearing of a woman who was seeking asylum in the U.S.  The district denied Felarca's request, but the feisty “anti-fascist” didn't care about anything as quaint as district rules and regulations. Thus she proudly extended a proverbial middle finger to the taxpayers whose teats she has been sucking dry since 2006, and she attended the asylum hearing anyway during her regular work hours. Nor did Felarca make any effort to hide her contempt for those taxpayers. Indeed, she gave an interview on television during the event.

Felarca openly and explicitly advocates the use of violent riots as a legitimate means of making a political statement. “Riots are the voice of the unheard,” she said in December 2014. “You can never replace the lives of Michael Brown and Eric Garner,” she added in a reference to two black men who had died in highly publicized altercations with police officers earlier that year, “but you can always replace broken windows.”

True to her pro-violence principles, on June 26, 2016, Felarca and BAMN led some 400 protesters in a series of pre-planned attacks against a group of approximately 30 members of the white-supremacist Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) who had secured a permit to hold a rally on the steps of the California State Capitol Building. The rally never took place, however, because Felarca and her comrades violently assaulted them with fists, clubs, rocks, and pepper spray. By the time the mayhem was over, numerous people had been injured, including two who were critically wounded. Felarca shoved one TWP member and repeatedly shouted “Get the fu** off our streets!” Within a few moments, several of Felarca's male accomplices tackled that individual and  beat him to a pulp.

In the aftermath of all the violence, Felarca proudly announced that she and her comrades had “succeeded” in shutting down a “recruitment rally” for “Nazi scum.”

On June 30, 2016, the Berkeley school district sent Felarca a letter charging her with “immoral conduct, evident unfitness for service, persistent violation of or refusal to obey school laws, dishonesty, unprofessional conduct, and unsatisfactory performance.” Three months later, the district placed her on involuntary paid leave. While she enjoyed this unexpected paid vacation, Felarca managed to pull her eager lips away from the taxpayers' collective teats long enough to whine that she was the victim of a “political witch-hunt.” In October, she filed a civil-rights lawsuit charging that the district's actions against her had caused her to suffer “panic attacks, repressed appetite, weight loss, dizziness, and increased emotional distress.” Not that she cares about anything as bourgeois as money, mind you, but taxpayer milk sure does taste sweet to Yvette Felarca.

Felarca apparently recovered from all her traumas by February 2017, when she and her BAMN comrades were among the more than 1,500 protesters who staged a massive, violent riot at UC Berkeley, forcing the popular gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos to cancel a speech which he was scheduled to deliver there. The demonstrators hurled fireworks and rocks at police, they smashed windows and set multiple fires on campus, and they damaged the construction site where a new dormitory was being built (with taxpayer dollars). Some of the “anti-fascists” even shattered windows at several local banks in downtown Berkeley. Naturally, Felarca called Yiannopoulos a “fascist”⸺ an,d for good measure, a “fu**er.” You see, to Yvette Felarca, everyone who espouses a worldview that differs from hers, is a fascist and a fu**er. White-supremacist lowlifes are lumped together with thoughtful, articulate conservatives.

In a television interview conducted shortly after the Berkeley riot, Felarca warned that if Yiannopoulos were to ever again schedule a speech there, she and her allies would once more “shut him down by any means necessary!” “We have an obligation,” she emphasized, to do whatever it takes to destroy “the right wing and the fascists in this country,” thus the chaos at Berkeley “should be the model for how the movement needs to take things now in the future.”

Yvette Felarca loves violence. She loves rage. She loves fire. She loves blood. Her face is the very, very, very fascistic face of “anti-fascism.” Nor is this a contradiction in any way. By no means are communism and fascism polar opposites. As author Jonah Goldberg explains, they are “closely related” systems whose “differences are minimal” in terms of “their theory and practice.” Yvette Felarca is living proof of this.


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