DACA Declared Dead As Border Anarchy Intensifies

Mysterious group deploys "caravan" of illegal aliens headed for US border.

A caravan of more than 1,000 young Central Americans is marching through Mexico heading for the United States. This caravan is the project of Pueblo Sin Fronteras but establishment news reports provide little information on the group, whose website reveals no founder, staff, board of directors or funders. 

“We are a collective of friends who decided to be in permanent solidarity with displaced peoples,” the site explains. None of the “friends” is named but “our dream is to build solidarity among peoples and turn down border walls imposed by greed.” 

According to CNN, Alex Mensing is one of the “US collaborators who works for Pueblo Sin Fronteras,” but CNN did not explain that Mensing is a paralegal at the University of San Francisco's Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic. He did tell CNN that the caravaners’ goal is to seek asylum in the United States. 

This has come to the attention of President Trump, who on Sunday tweeted: “Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. ‘Caravans’ coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL.” 

The president took heat from Mexican secretary of foreign affairs Luis Videgaray Caso, who told CNN, “Every day Mexico and the US work together on migration throughout the region,” and “upholding human dignity and rights is not at odds with the rule of law. Happy Easter.”

Since the caravan entered Mexico with no difficulty and moves with ease toward the United States, Mexico is clearly the prime mover. Mexico seeks to violate U.S. sovereignty before the wall is built, while the border remains utterly porous, and before Congress empowers the U.S. Border Patrol to do its job. 

To aid this cause, some Central American parents have chosen to break up their families and put minor children in the hands of human traffickers they don’t even know. This is a massive act of child abuse and the United States has no legal, moral or humanitarian reason to cooperate. 

The United States did not request the arrival of any person in the caravan, and none has any right to enter the United States. The unvetted caravaners might be gang members, criminals or terrorists. So the president was right to say the border is getting “more dangerous.” 

If people fear violence or oppression in their country it does not follow that they should come to the United States. Pueblo Sin Fronteras claims to oppose “persecution and violence” but is uncritical of Mexico, where it abounds. Luis Videgaray Caso talks up the “rule of law” but Mexico is a de-facto single-party state ruled by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional

In 2014, students at a Mexican teacher college commandeered busses to attend demonstrations commemorating the Tlatelolco massacre of October 2, 1968. Mexican police attacked the students, killing six and dragging off 43 others. The PRI government claimed they had been taken by a drug gang and incinerated in a garbage dump. 

Six months after the murder-kidnapping former Mexican president Vincente Fox appeared on Univision and said “it’s about time” the parents give up their demands on the Mexican government and “accept reality.” So much for Mexico’s concern for human rights, the unification of families, and the welfare of young people. 

By empowering this caravan, Mexico in effect deploys kids as human shields for the violation of U.S. sovereignty. The chief collaborators are Democrats seeking to import more voters. The leftist Demexocrats thus confirm the need for the wall and border security. 

President Trump could look into temporary barriers and should not rule out the use of troops. After all, Mexico deploys troops on its southern border to combat illegal entry, smuggling, and criminal activity. 

The president has threatened to pull the plug on NAFTA but if the caravan continues, he might also slap a tax on remissions from Mexicans in the United States. Those amount to some $26 billion yearly, impossible without massive input from American taxpayers. The president might also boot out some Mexican diplomats and cut off all foreign aid to Central America. 

President Trump is hardly the first to advocate an America-first immigration policy. As the chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform from 1994-1996, Texas Democrat Barbara Jordan argued, “it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”  

The caravan kids should stay in their own countries and work for human rights, economic growth and democratic reforms. On the other hand, all is not lost if they can’t get into the USA. Pueblo Sin Fronteras can steer the kids toward Costa Rica, Panama or Cuba, which has fewer than 12 million people and plenty of room. Cubans speak Spanish and the climate is tropical. Progressive one-party Cuba also features the single-payer health care Democrats like Keith Ellison support

The mother of Elian Gonzalez wanted her son to live in the United States, but the Clinton administration sent the six-year-old refugee back to Cuba. That sets an example for Democrats to back Cuba as the destination of choice for Central American dreamers.  


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