European Union On The Run

Italy’s populist coalition government defies the EU, mass migration and George Soros.

Back in March, the League party and anti-establishment Five Star Movement gained victory in what Angelo Codevilla called Italy’s “Trump election.” The governing Democratic Party, descendant of Italy’s Communist Party, managed only 18 percent of the vote, and the biggest loser was the Democrats’ former prime minister Matteo Renzi “the international Left’s Boy Wonder, the Italian Obama.” Nothing like this had happened in a century. 

“Italy’s voters choose populists,” CNN proclaimed, “deliver stinging rebuke to Europe.” European Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker described the election as the “worst-case scenario” for Europe. Since the March populist victory, Italy has been without a government, but that changed on June 1. 

As the Telegraph reported, the “anti-immigrant, hard Right” League party and “anti-establishment” Five Star movement have agreed to a compromise, with Guiseppe Conte serving as prime minister. Like the election itself, that had leftist billionaire George Soros reaching for his bullhorn. 

Soros conducted considerable election meddling of his own, but said he was “very worried” that Russia was exercising “negative influence” in Europe. “I don’t know if Putin is actually financially supporting him (Matteo Salvini of the League) and his party. This is a question that I think the Italian public has a right to ask, and ask him to tell you whether he’s actually in the pay of Putin.” 

This comes as news to Italians, who during the election campaign saw no reports of Vladimir Putin attempting to influence the outcome through Facebook ads and fake demonstrations for all parties. No mysterious dossiers prompted investigations, and loser Matteo Renzi did not announced plans for a “What Happened” book tour.  

The League responded that it “never received a lira, euro or ruble from Russia,” and nobody offered evidence that they had. As reports noted, Salvini and Soros have long been at odds, particularly over migration policy. 

During the election, the Five Star slogan was “Vaffanculo!” which as Codevilla explained “none too subtly invites establishmentarians to attempt monogenesis.” After the formation of the coalition government, Italians appear to be deriving key lessons from Soros’ interference in their country. 

“Soros worried by the Italian government? So it means we are going in the right direction,” explained League party deputy Claudio Borghi Aquilini, adding, “We understand that those who have been speculating for years off of the skin of immigrants, financing NGOs and smugglers to invade Italy, are now aware that the good times are over and they will take any pretext to attack.”

Italians have noted recent conservative and populist victories in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austrian, all opposing open borders and tighter ties with the European Union. Soros is on record that the EU is “threatened by Trump’s America” and American officials might take a cue from the victorious Italians. 

Soros has produced no evidence of Russian meddling but Americans might take his wild charges as confirmation that the Russia-Trump collusion story is also bogus. Soros charges that Italians are in the pay of Putin, so Americans have a right to question who is in the pay of Soros his own self. 

Soros’ massive meddling in U.S. elections includes district attorney races in California. The billionaire is spending big to unseat Anne Marie Schubert, now prosecuting the notorious Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo, responsible for 12 murders and more than 40 rapes since the 1970s. Soros’ candidate Noah Phillips finds motivation in “social justice” concerns, and that could give voters some guidance. With mid-terms ahead, Americans might also recall the lessons of Italy’s “Trump election.” 

As Angelo Codevilla saw it, the vote, “changed Italian politics generationally from below” and has nothing to do with any “ism” or with Donald Trump. “When voters are ruled by officials and associated corporate types who despise them,” Codevilla explained, “sooner or later they will find ways of returning the favor.”  The populist sentiment, “would sweep away the cozy arrangements between old-line leftist and rightist parties that have been governing the country.” 

As the establishment media noted, the Italian election provided key takeaways for progressives, who show little inclination to learn. The so-called mainstream parties had no answer to the migration problem and voters opposed those responsible for economic stagnation. Where progressives favored centralization, voters were “euroskeptic.” 

Meanwhile, as Italy’s victorious coalition defies George Soros and the European Union, Americans might direct skepticism toward their own deep state. Americans never voted for the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein, former FBI bosses Robert Mueller and James Comey, ex-DNI James Clapper, and John Brennan, the recent CIA boss who in 1976 voted for the Stalinist Gus Hall, presidential candidate of the Communist Party.  

Those deep state drones, who never face the voters, sure wield a lot of power over the people’s elected representatives. As current proceedings confirm, their primary target is the man who won his own “Trump election” in November, 2016. 


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