The Incredibly Fake End of Elizabeth Warren

A long pathetic narrative of lies, cowardice and fraud.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism

Elizabeth Ann Herring has been many things in her life. All of them fake.

She represented an insurance company in an asbestos case before becoming a consumer rights crusader. She was paid $350,000 to teach a single course before deciding to fight student debt. She was a Republican, then became a socialist, and then announced, “I am a capitalist to my bones.”

She’s also the fake minority professor who plagiarized the recipes of a French chef for the Pow Wow Chow cookbook and killed her shot at 2020 with a DNA test which claimed that she wasn’t lying about her Cherokee background because she might have a 1/1,024th ancestry from somebody from Peru.

Like a snake, Senator Elizabeth Warren has shed her beliefs as easily as her minority status.

Warren went from being a Cherokee to the whitest woman in the Senate, the same way that she swung from her, “You didn’t build that” speech to, “She believes in markets. She loves markets.”

The truth about Senator Herring is that she’s always been a liar, a coward and a fraud.

Her presidential hopes didn’t end in 2018. They ended in 2015 when instead of challenging Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren cut a deal with her to be considered as her VP and get some of her key allies into administration positions in the second Clinton administration that never came into being.

Hillary didn’t pick Warren as her running mate. The jokes would have written themselves.  And after losing the election, she was in no position to appoint Warren’s allies to anything except cleaning up her broken wineglasses.

Elizabeth Warren began getting ready for 2020, but she had already missed her last and only shot.

While Liz was playing the inside game, maneuvering for power within a future Clinton administration, her radical backers went looking for someone else to challenge Hillary. They settled on an obscure socialist senator from Vermont who was even angrier, more awkward and more radical than Warren.

MoveOn had deployed Revolution Messaging to pursue the Run, Warren Run campaign. Warren didn’t run. Revolution moved on to make the Bernie Sanders campaign happen while cashing in on him. The organizations and campaign pros behind Bernie built a profitable and powerful movement around him.

Bernie had started out as a third-rate Warren substitute. But then he made her redundant.

Warren won a national profile with her, “You didn’t build that” speech. Its big government triumphalism and contempt for small business was meant as a rebuttal to the Tea Party movement. Shortly thereafter, in true socialistic fashion, Barack Obama appropriated her best known line.

And Elizabeth Warren discovered that redistribution was more fun when it happened to other people.

But Warren’s shtick had already been heavily plagiarized from Occupy Wall Street. Her Senate career never outgrew the shrill and insincere attacks on Wall Street and corporations.

By 2016, OWS was old news. Today, it’s downright ancient. And so is Elizabeth Warren.

Warren seemed radical in 2011. Seven years later, the Democrats have openly embraced socialism.

Compared to Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Michael Avenatti, she seems as dangerous as 1% milk. Even as the Dems tilt toward socialism, Warren insists that unlike Bernie, “I am a capitalist.”

“She believes in markets. She loves markets,” an aide insisted.

It was the sort of disingenuous rhetoric that Obama specialized in. And it was past its sell by date.

Like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren was trying to be all things to all people by lying to all the people, all the time. Instead, like Hillary, Warren became a hollow fake defined by nothing but her ambition.

When Warren’s people rolled out the disastrous DNA gimmick that sank her last presidential hopes, it was because her lies about her Cherokee ancestry had come to define her. The coded socialism that made her famous looked downright conservative. Mick Mulvaney had taken her prized CFPB agency and exposed its culture of privilege and lawlessness, poking fun at it while making her showpiece his own.

And Mulvaney’s boss, President Trump, never missed an opportunity to taunt and mock her lies.

In 2011, Warren had been known for her radical economic views. By 2018, she had been reduced to a punchline. Pocahontas. And the more she fought back, the more she was defined by it.

The DNA test was a last, desperate attempt at ending the controversy. Instead it fatally defined her by it.

As he had done to so many other opponents, Trump had zeroed in on a weakness, and insisted on making that into the issue with provocative attacks that an opponent had to either answer or ignore.

The staffers and advisers who came up with the DNA gimmick no doubt thought that it would settle the issue. But all they proved was that they didn’t know Trump. And, despite months of outreach, they hadn’t secured the support of the Cherokee Nation or tribal activists. Nor could they have ever done so.

Blood quantum levels and proof of descent are at the heart of any legitimate American Indian tribe. The DNA test was far more offensive than any of the identity politics shibboleths that social justice crybullies obsessed over, like the Washington Redskins or the Atlanta Braves, because it challenged who was really Cherokee. And no amount of outreach would have reconciled them to Warren’s tribal prom dress.

Worse still, the legitimacy of the test depended on a theory that the Cherokee were descended from common ancestors who came to America over the Bering Strait, making them not fully indigenous.

American Indians hate the Bering Strait theory more than Elizabeth Warren fans hate Trump.

Warren would have offended the Cherokee Nation less if she had put on a feathered headdress and danced around while ululating and waving a plastic tomahawk, than with ‘Straitgate’.

After all this time, the party of identity politics still showed that it knew nothing about the Cherokee.

After a CNN poll showing her at 8%, Warren had hoped to break out of the pack by attacking Trump and showcasing her supposed tribal heritage. But instead she ended her dreams of living in the White House.

It was more of a mercy killing.

Occupy Wall Street had been supplanted by the angry racial nationalism of Black Lives Matter and then by the explicit intersectionality and violence of the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement. Warren’s entire brand was rooted in a movement that no longer mattered and whose activists had since moved on.

Warren polled well below Bernie. And he had the advantage of a movement and a cult of personality. When she insisted that she was a capitalist, not a socialist, she was still trying to navigate some sort of middle ground, playing an inside game when it no longer existed, still too afraid to take a chance.

Elizabeth Warren had always been a corrupt, mediocre, hypocritical sham. And no matter how much the media inflated her as a courageous activist; it was these qualities that ultimately destroyed her.

There was never anything courageous about her.

Instead she had a history of glomming onto trendy causes and ideas, and then jumping onto another bandwagon. As a millionaire class warrior, former Republican and asbestos lawyer, her identity was a farce even without getting into the Pow Wow Chow cookbook and her high Cherokee cheekbones.

Elizabeth Warren has always lacked the courage of her convictions. That’s why she didn’t run in 2016.

In her book, “This Fight is Our Fight”, she claimed that her husband had talked her out of running because the campaign would have just been too ugly. Left unmentioned is that it would have been ugly not because of Trump, whom she wants to face in 2020, but because of Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren was afraid of Hillary Clinton. She sold out to her. And that ended her ambitions.

The Left won’t unite around Warren. Trump has shown her weakness. And her polling has been weak in Massachusetts.  The future of the un-bravest Brave in the state lies not on the frontier, but in an MSNBC green room. Once she’s out of the Senate, maybe MSNBC will even give Warren her own show.

Call it, “Pow Wow Chat.”


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