Becerra Border Betrayal

California’s razaist attorney general threatens legal action over Trump border protection.

When foreign nationals attacked with rocks and bottles on Sunday, the U.S. Border Patrol dispersed the mob with tear gas. That prompted California attorney general Xavier Becerra to ponder legal action against the Trump administration.

“We have been approached by folks who have expressed complaints,” Becerra told Reuters. “We are monitoring what’s occurring.” 

American citizens and legal immigrants might think it odd that the chief law enforcement official of a U.S. state would ignore criminal violence and direct his wrath at U.S. federal agents. For Xavier Becerra, a former congressman once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate, it’s business as usual.

On his watch, MS-13 has inflicted a reign of terror in Mendota, near Fresno. The gang has murdered 14, hacking victims to death with machetes and leaving the mutilated bodies on display. Becerra took no action against MS-13 until the feds stepped in, and even then the attorney general made it clear that he was not concerned with the gang’s “status.” That too is business as usual for Becerra.

Like governor Jerry Brown, Becerra supports the sanctuary state policies that protect false-documented illegals, even violent criminals. Becerra has backed laws that would punish employers for cooperating with federal officials. In a way, Becerra is also a beneficiary of the sanctuary policy.

As head of the Democratic Caucus, Becerra controlled the server where Pakistan-born IT man Imran Awan, who worked for DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stashed the data he lifted from House Democrats on the intelligence and foreign affairs committees. When capitol police requested the data, they got only a fake image. After the scandal broke, Becerra abandoned his seat and Jerry Brown promptly appointed him attorney general of California.

At Stanford, where he earned his bachelor and law degrees, Becerra was a member of MEChA, the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano De Aztlan. A belch from the sixties’ left, MEChA calls the southwest portion of the United States “Aztlan” and seeks to regain the territory for Mexico. The MEChA slogan is “Entre la raza todo, fuera de la raza, nada,” and the “raza” is not the human race.

It’s the “cosmic race” that Mexican education minister Jose Vasconcelos, once a presidential candidate, said would replace all others. In 1979, the Chicano Studies department at Cal State LA republished Vasconcelos The Cosmic Race, the bible of the sin fronteras forces.

As Vasconcelos has it, the Black is “eager for sensual joy, intoxicated with dances and unbridled lust.” The Mongol has “slanted eyes that see everything according to a strange angle” and the peoples of Asia are “exhausted, or at least, lacking in the necessary boldness for new enterprise.” The oppressive Whites “taught the control of matter,” and like the other races have “a characteristic smell.”

These races are all disappearing and “the Anglo-Saxons are gradually becoming more a part of yesterday.” The future belongs to the Ibero-American race, the union of Spaniards and Indians, because “only the Iberian part of the continent possesses the spiritual factors, the race, and the territory for the great enterprise of initiating the new universal era of humanity.”

And just so you know, “Any teacher can corroborate that the children and youths descendant from Scandinavians, Dutch, and English found in North American universities are much slower, and almost dull, compared with the mestizo children and youths from the south.” So the evil, disappearing Yankees and “Anglo-Saxons,” razaista code for people with names like Kamenski, O’Houlihan and Gastineau, are also stupid.

As Mexican-American Communist Bert Corona explained in Memoirs of Chicano History, Vasconcelos’ racial theory was “close to the kind of German racial superiority theory supported by Hitler.”  Vasconcelos became a fascist, and as Corona explained, “I couldn’t accept all this. We’re not a superior race.”  Trouble is, Vansconcelos’ goose-stepping razaismo is now inflaming the border conflict. 

On the other hand, for the Democrat-media axis anybody less than worshipful of the intruders is racist. So no surprised that a MEChA alum would target his own federal government and serve as a pro bono attorney for criminal foreign nationals.  

California is the border state farthest from Central America. The Central American horde came there because California welcomes false-documented illegals, gives them a host of benefits, registers them to vote, and even give them official state positions. To date, no administration has required any California officials to register as agents of a foreign government, particularly Mexico.  

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be inaugurated on Saturday. Before his election victory, AMLO proclaimed, “We will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States,” adding, “It’s a human right we will defend.” So under Mexico’s new boss, more “migrants” will be heading north.

President Trump should defend the U.S border with more troops. If Mexico fails to deport the intruders, the president might shut down the border and start taxing the remissions Mexicans send back to their country, $26 billion in 2017 alone. And as Border Patrol chief Carla Provost explains, the old border fence of metal landing mats needs to be replaced “with a wall.”


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