Canary Mission Exposes Palestinian-American Doctor Who Threatened To Poison Her Jewish Patients

“Doctor” Lara Kollab learns the hard way that the internet is forever.

Those who enter the medical profession do so for a number of reasons. Some do so for the prestige that comes with being a doctor while others join the profession for its pecuniary rewards. Many have an innate love for the practice of medicine and truly desire to dedicate their life’s work toward healing the sick. Often, it is a combination of all these factors.

There are of course, occasional genetic mutations within the human gene pool that produce insidious individuals whose motivations for entering the medical profession are nothing but malevolent. They are a rare breed but unfortunately, do exist. One such individual was Joseph Mengele, a Nazi doctor who conducted unfathomable brutal medical experiments on his unfortunate Jewish victims during the Holocaust.

Another such individual is the rabidly anti-Semitic Lara Kollab, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, who graduated in 2018 and received her DO degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. Kollab’s social media history is replete with anti-Semitic canards and conspiracy theories.

According to online sources, Kollab was employed as a supervised resident at the Cleveland Clinic. According to a statement released by the Clinic, Kollab only worked there from July 2018 and was terminated in September 2018. The Cleveland Clinic stated that Kollab’s views are in no way reflective of the views of the Cleveland Clinic.

Kollab is not Mengele but her past social media profile, laced with vile anti-Semitic calumnies and conspiracy theories, is worthy of another infamous Nazi, Joseph Goebbels. Kollab, who is a supporter of the Hamas terrorist group, claims that Zionists control the media and Israel “runs America.” She routinely refers to Jews as “dogs,” and often expresses the desire to carry out violence and inflict harm on Jews. She frequently trivializes the Holocaust or questions its veracity. But what truly stands out as perhaps her vilest tweet – and there were many – was the one where she expressed her desire to provide her Jewish patients with the wrong medication in an effort to injure or kill them. Mengele anyone?

Was she joking when she made this comment? Perhaps, but the reader should bear two things in mind. It is difficult to separate this comment from the trove of anti-Semitic comments found on her public social media profile. Her hatred of Jews is palpable and it is not a stretch to believe that she is capable of inflicting harm on those she collectively believes to be her enemy. Second, even if the comment was made in jest – and there is every reason to think otherwise – one has to question Kollab’s judgement and mental stability. What rational thinking person, let alone a medical professional, would make such a repugnant statement, in a public platform no less?

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by physicians to uphold certain ethical standards and remains a rite of passage for medical graduates in the civilized world. Needless to say, a doctor who swears to adhere to the Oath may not purposefully inflict harm on his or her patient. Kollab expressed to the entire world via social media her convoluted desire to do the exact opposite.

Medical doctors who have been exposed to Kollab’s social media profile have expressed outrage that she still maintains a medical license. Some called for the immediate termination of her employment, and revocation of her license. As noted, the Cleveland Clinic has already complied with this request but the question of licensing will likely be the subject of a disciplinary investigation before any revocation action is taken.

Kollab’s Alma mater, Touro College, also released a statement expressing shock that one of its former students would express views “that are antithetical to Touro and to the physicians’ Hippocratic Oath.” Touro further noted that they were “appalled” by Kollab’s anti-Semitic comments and added that “the mission of Touro College is to educate, perpetuate and enrich the historic Jewish tradition of tolerance and dignity.”

Canary Mission, an online watchdog group that monitors the social media platforms of anti-Semites and racists, exposed Kollab’s rancid social media profile, which was already public. Canary Mission merely screenshotted and codified her profile. Once Kollab realized that Canary Mission was on to her, she frantically began wiping out her public online social media history and deactivated accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. But Canary Mission beat her to the punch and was able to save the data.

Unfortunately for Kollab, but fortunately for the rest of us, the internet doesn’t easily disappear and the stench of Kollab’s vile Jew-hatred and racism will follow her wherever she goes. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Canary Mission for exposing this rot and possibly saving lives.


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