Interview with Jamie Glazov on the Jihadist Threat

Frontpage Editor unveils the tragedy of the West's surrender.

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Cheryl Gatesworth: Jamie Glazov, author of the new book, Jihadist Psychopath, sits down with us today.

Q. You are familiar with the current state of Western European nations that are under Muslim siege. There have been movements in each nation to push that back. Do you think Sweden has gone beyond the tipping point?

Glazov: That’s a good question, in terms of tipping point or not, hey’re definitely in a lot of trouble. Sweden as we know it is falling. We know, for instance, the statistics of rape have skyrocketed due to the immigration of people who believe in Shari’a.

Q. The chief of police in Sweden has warned women not to go outside unaccompanied, and to dress modestly when they do.

Glazov: Absolutely, and this is how the Left operates. Instead of looking honestly at the perpetrators, and the ideology of the perpetrators, it’s incredible how the Left surrenders its own supposed principles. Even leftist feminists should be saying, “Rape is wrong, and it’s not the responsibility of the woman in terms of how she looks.” And, “It’s wrong what the Qur’an teaches, in terms of sex slavery, and not wearing the hijab.” Instead, with the Left in control, they’re telling the women it’s their fault. It’s crazy, but it’s typical when the Left is in control. Complete hypocrisy.

Q. One of the cabinet members in Sweden, a woman who identifies herself as a feminist, said that Sweden has strengthened laws against marital rape, and that this is why rape has increased. But she did not explain what dressing modestly and not going out alone at night has to do with marital rape.

Glazov: Absolutely, and we know that Suras 4:3 and 33:50 in the Qur’an legitimize the taking of captives "by the right hand." In other words, that sex slavery is allowed when it comes to the kafir. And we also know from Suras 24:31 and 33:59 that hijab is enforced, and we see that the implications in those verses is that if you’re not wearing the hijab - you should and can be molested, and this is very worrying.

This is the core of Islamic ideology. Muslim rape gangs and the rapists who follow Shari’a, they’re not just doing this indiscriminately, they are sanctioned by their religion. There are victims of ISIS who have come forward who have said that when they were being raped, that their rapists were explaining to them that they were doing this for Allah, and were saying certain prayers. There’s a huge blindness to this, and that’s what my book, “Jihadist Psychopath,” deals with.

There’s a Stockholm Syndrome that’s going on. Our society is willfully blind. We will not look at the real causes, and the ingredients of this catastrophe. We are not standing up for women who are being sexually assaulted and raped. Look what happened in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve a few years back. Men are standing around while their women are being sexually assaulted. Think about what has happened to our civilization.

These are major, major problems. Masses of migrants pouring in from Sharia environments,. The New Year’s Eve Cologne sexual assaults are a reflection of what’s happening overall.

Q. I was going to ask you about England next.

Glazov: What a tragedy. Muslim rape gangs, just completely unrestrained. There’s been some reports that over the last decade, a million kafir girls have been victimized by Muslim rape gangs, when even one victim is enough. It’s such a tragedy. We’ve got Muslim rape gangs operating, and Gavin Boby, who’s an expert on this, has documented all this. They even know that many of these rapists are actually praying during the day. This is a religious exercise. This is what our society is blind to, we cannot accept the Islamic ingredient to this. So many victims. We’ve got heroes like Tommy Robinson standing up for women and girls, including for Muslim women and girls, in terms of rape, female genital mutilation and other barbarities women suffer under Islamic gender apartheid. We know that FGM is rampant there, we know that rape is rampant. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are not allowed to enter the United Kingdom, because they think jihad is bad, but jihadists are allowed into the UK, because they think jihad is good.

Q. What about the situation in France?

Glazov: You go to by Robert Spencer and all this is documented. It's a catastrophe. There are certain areas in France and Paris now, we know about no-go zones. Even non-Muslim women are veiling and putting on covering to avoid being raped, in certain suburbs outside of Paris and other areas. That’s how bad the problem has gotten.

Q. What do the people who have left Islam have in common, that has led them to leave?

Glazov: Of course they want freedom, they want liberty, they want individual self-determination. They do not want to be controlled by totalitarianism, which is what Islam is. Many of them had to escape. The producer of my show, Aynaz Anni Cyrus, what a hero and soldier she is. She’s a former child bride from Iran, she escaped, and now she dedicates her life to freeing and protecting Muslim women and girls who are suffering under Sharia, and protecting our society from everything that represents. Many people never had a choice, they were born into this awful slavery and oppression, and they escaped. It’s the search for truth, the hunger for truth, and the yearning to be free.

Q. Are you disappointed in the actions of Pope Francis, in seemingly embracing Islam as a religion of peace? Is there a movement within the Vatican that opposes him?

Glazov: I’m no expert on this. I was raised a Catholic, and I think there’s a lot of truth in Catholic theology. I don’t think bad men and fallen human beings discredit God, or our Savior, or good institutions. There’s definitely something very, very bad about this Pope. As a Christian, I will say that I do believe that Satan exists, and I know that Satan is busy 24-7 trying to put evil and bad people into the Church, and into Christian environments. This Pope doesn’t represent anything good to me.... When was the last time he spoke very forcefully against the persecution of Christians?

Q. He was talking about our border to the south, and he said he would ask us to open our borders to migrants, that this was a religious problem.

Glazov: Yeah. I’m just wondering, are there walls surrounding the Vatican? We know what this person is, and what he’s trying to do.

Q. What would you advise vis-à-vis a domestic policy regarding Muslims?

Glazov: As a Christian, I will get on my knees and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for Donald Trump.

Stephen Coughlin, who wrote a very important book called “Catastrophic Failure,” has documented how the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over our policies; how they were actually framing how the Obama administration and its officials were thinking. That’s a catastrophic failure.

What the Muslim Brotherhood has done effectively, what the Left has done effectively, is that our society cannot make a threat assessment in a war in which we face a threat. Sun Tzu taught, know thy enemy. In order to know thy enemy, you have to label your enemy.

In terms of the Boston marathon massacre, in terms of San Bernardino, Fort Hood and Orlando -- those Jihadist attacks could have easily been prevented if a threat assessment had been able to be made. But under the Obama administration, they got rid of the words “Islam” and “jihad” and “radical Islam” out of all of their intelligence agency training manuals, because Muslim Brotherhood front groups told them to do that -- and they did that. Thank God for Donald Trump, because during the campaign and after, he has begun saying the words “radical Islam,” “Islam,” “jihad.” That is very important, because we have to be able to label the enemy. We have to be able to make a threat assessment.

The Left is saying, “Oh, you’re trying to say all Muslims are our enemies.” I am not saying that. I am a person who works daily trying to protect Muslim women and girls from female genital mutilation. It’s an absolute grotesque and atrocious lie to say that I hate all Muslim people, or that anybody on our side hates all Muslim people, when we fight on behalf of Muslim people. We’re talking about an ideology.

So I would say, thank you, Donald Trump. Please continue to work towards making a threat assessment. Even to speak, to be able to say the words of what our threat represents, because then we’ll be able to do something about it.

He’s also got some really wonderful people around him like, John Bolton, and he’s been bringing in the right people, so that’s a really great start.

In Afghanistan, for instance, the casualties have completely plummeted and gone down after Trump came in, because he’s reversed the rules of engagement. In Iraq and Syria, ISIS has been just crushed under Trump. It was intentional under Obama that those things were happening. In the Left’s world, we should be following Muslim extremists that go in and out of a mosque the same amount of time that we should be watching nuns going in and out of a convent. That is absolutely preposterous.

We have to make our priorities in terms of the threat is, in terms of who we should be following and keeping an eye on.

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