Islamic Activist Advocates Using Public Schools to Convert Americans to Islam

"We want to turn them into Muslim individuals.”

In a video clip that has recently gone viral, Islamic activist Sharifa Alkhateeb talks extensively about using U.S. public schools to proselytize Islam and convert America to an Islamic nation.

“We are in the process of developing Islamic education for our children. And yes, all of us have the hope and dream…of creating not only Islamic schools that cooperate with each other but Islamic schools systems that would span the country, that’s what our further objective is,” Alkhateeb explains. “So as we approach the public school system, we have to approach it with that credo, that we see ourselves as worshipping Allah in being involved with them in any way.”

“If we are Islamic individuals and we come to our relationship and our connection with the public school system as Islamic individuals then we will not be part of the great, what they call, American melting pot,” she asserts. “We do not want to melt into American society and disappear. We want to go into American society with Islamic ideals and revamp their thinking. We want to revamp them. We want to turn them into Muslim individuals.”

The recording is in fact not new, but was made during the "Muslim Americans Political Awareness Conference" in 1989.  Alkahateeb, now deceased, was the managing editor of the International Institute for Islamic Thought's American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences. She was a prominent member of the Muslim Students Association, an organization tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and also served as president of the Hamas-linked North American Council for Muslim Women. She was also employed as a diversity consultant with the Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, Virginia.

Leftist video outlets have dismissed the clip as “old news” and mocked the right for giving credence to a video three decades old. But much of what Alkhateeb advocates for in the video is already taking place in contemporary America where public school indoctrination in Islam is commonplace.

To cite just a few examples:

*Public high school students in Newton, Massachusetts were provided with history lessons from the Arab World Studies Notebook, a textbook which is funded by a Saudi Arabian oil company which also funds the terrorist groups Hamas and Al-Qaeda. The textbook claims that there is a “Hollywood Jewish conspiracy” to portray Arabs negatively in film and that Jerusalem is “Palestine’s capital.”

*Students at Maryland's La Plata High School were ordered to copy the Islamic creed "Shahada" which states in part, "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." One worksheet distributed by the school stated, "Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian."

*Lessons for students at Mountain Ridge Middle School in West Virginia included lessons on Islam as part of a unit on world religions which encouraged students to study and identify with Islam’s key religious beliefs. Assignments given in class included writing the Islamic conversion creed, the Shahada, which states, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" in Arabic, reading chapters from the Koran, and fasting for 24 hours while giving lunch money and food to a food bank, in order to empathize with Muslims observing Ramadan.

*The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamist group with extensive ties to extremist Islamic organizations, has relationships with public school districts in at least three states including California, Washington, and Minnesota. CAIR accuses school districts of failing to prevent “Islamophobia,” thereby necessitating an “anti-Islamophobia bullying initiative” developed by CAIR.  The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) alleged in a legal suit that CAIR’s relationship with the San Diego Unified School District created a “subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group.” 

Numerous other instances of Islamic indoctrination in the classroom are detailed in Robert Spencer’s new pamphlet Readin’, Writin’, and Jihadin’: The Islamization of American Public SchoolsThis Islamic indoctrination has occurred despite several Supreme Court decisions over the past few decades mandating the constitutional separation of church and state as applying to prayer and religious teachings in public schools. Without exception, these cases were supported by the left in order to limit Christian speech and prayer in public schools. But when it comes to Islam, the same rules are not applied, and the left champions the inclusion of Islam in public school curricula in the interests of diversity and inclusion.

The future Alkhateeb envisioned in her speech is already coming to pass and Americans committed to ensuring that our nation’s classrooms be places of objective and unbiased learning would be wise to take notice.

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