The Real Russian Agent

What a special counsel report might look like.

In anticipation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which the public may or may not get to see, leftist Democrats have escalated the conflict. The original charge was that candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. That was later stepped up to “cooperation,” and now Donald Trump as a full-blown Russian agent under control of the Kremlin.

As Johnny Rivers might say, Trump is Russia’s secret agent man, allegedly proved by Trump meeting with Putin, pondering an exit from NATO, firing James Comey and such. As he dealt with this charge on the January 15 “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova said “Barack Obama is the real Russian agent.”

The statement drew little response in the establishment media and internet, perhaps the Trump-phobe squads believe it unworthy of response. On the other hand, it invites the question of what a report from a Mueller-style inquiry, with all the resources of the FBI and the 16-member “Intelligence Community” might look like.

In the 1995 Dreams from My Father, the 44th president’s founding narrative, he devotes more than 2,000 words to a happy-drunk poet he identifies only as “Frank.” In public appearances that year, the author identified Frank as Frank Marshall Davis, who was more than a poet.

The African American Davis joined the Communist Party USA after the Stalin-Hitler Pact and spent most of his adult life supporting all-white Soviet dictatorships, particularly the one headed by Josef Stalin. He deployed a planned famine to murder millions of Ukrainians and during the Pact, Stalin handed over German-Jewish Communists to the Gestapo. Toward the end of his life, Stalin revived Russian anti-Semitism, dubbing Jews “rootless cosmopolitans.”

If Stalin ever said or did anything with which Frank Marshall Davis disagreed, the American Communist never let on. He was in fact a Soviet agent and would have been arrested immediately in time of war. As Paul Kengor detailed in The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, Davis’ FBI file was massive.

A Mueller-style report on POTUS 44 would have access to everything, including those in charge of Davis’ file. It would be interesting to learn how the FBI, in charge of counterintelligence, responded when “Frank” showed up in the narrative of a political Rising Star, as David Garrow’s massive 2017 biography dubs the Dreams author. Garrow also notes Davis’ Communist background and his side job as a pornographer.

The FBI would know that the Dreams author, previously known as Barry Soetoro, set up shop in Chicago. That’s where Frank did most of his heavy lifting for Soviet Russia, before they sent him to Hawaii in the late 1940s to help fellow Soviet agent Harry Bridges with his strike. The FBI could easily pick out the Communist Party cadres, who get only first names in the Dreams narrative.

One of those was James Bowman, father of Valerie Jarrett, who became POTUS 44’s closest adviser. Valerie’s father-in-law Vernon Jarrett was also a Communist. “Obama’s narrator” David Axelrod revealed his parents’ Communist Party ties in his 2015 Believer. All Communist Party USA members served the interests of Soviet Russia first and foremost. Those interests were also a priority of the Dreams author, who seemed so downcast by the downfall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, unlike the millions liberated from their captive states.

In his first year in office, the special council would note, the Dreams author quickly scrapped missile defense for U.S. allies Poland and the Czech Republic. This was exactly what Russia demanded, and the Dreams author asked nothing in return. The report might also note how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contrived to transfer U.S. uranium to Russia.

In 2012, the President of the United States told Russian president Dimitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” on the missile issue after the election. Since that got little play in the establishment media, the special council report could look into it. The Dreams author also looked the other way when Russia grabbed part of Ukraine, and his choice for CIA boss was also of interest.

In 1976, John Brennan voted for slobbering Stalinist Gus Hall, candidate of the Communist Party USA. The special counsel might inquire how this guy got any job at the CIA. After all, running CPUSA candidates in U.S. elections is one way Russia intervened in the American political process.

The special council could also note whether the FBI or CIA had made any effort to cover up the Dreams author’s Communist connections, and who might have been responsible for any coverup. And of course, the report could look into his role in clearing his designated successor Hillary Clinton of numerous criminal charges and framing candidate Donald Trump.

All told, there is a great deal of evidence for Joseph DiGenova’s charge that “Barack Obama is the real Russian agent.” A Mueller-style investigation and report, with all the resources of the FBI and the intelligence community, could be a riveting read.

Meanwhile, with the report of Mueller and his Democrat-Clinton donors still awaiting revelation, the charge comes that Donald Trump is a secret agent of the Kremlin. A ballpark figure for the evidence is zero.


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