Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Push Radical 'Climate Change' Agenda in K-12 Schools

Transforming America’s schoolchildren into climate warriors.

Senate Democrats are seeking to enact legislation that would provide federal funding to indoctrinate K-12 schoolchildren in a radical unscientific agenda on the purported risks of “climate change.” 

Titled the “Climate Change Education Act,” the bill was first proposed last April by Senator Edward Markey (D-MA). It would authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a “Climate Change Education Program” and provide grants to develop teacher education programs, create “model State climate change curricula” for K-12 students, and “ensure that students graduate from high school with high climate literacy.”

Of course, these proposals are merely doublespeak for an attempt to use federal dollars and scare tactics to shape the next generation of Americans into radical environmental activists and proponents of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

The proof is in the bill itself. Rather than acknowledging that manmade climate change is a disputed scientific theory, the Democrats’ legislation states outright that “The evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and undeniable.” 

This “undeniable” fact means we must teach students to promote the leftist environmental agenda which includes teaching them that “Atmospheric carbon can be significantly reduced through conservation, by shifting to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal, and by increasing the efficiency of buildings, including domiciles, and transportation”—in other words, accepting Democratic legislative solutions such as the discredited and financially ruinous Green New Deal.

The bill does not even disguise its purpose to convert American students into climate warriors. It highlights the “More than 3,000,000 students [who] graduate from high schools and colleges each year, armed with attitudes, skills, and knowledge about the climate that inform their actions” and declares, “Those students need to be prepared to implement changes in professional and personal practices, to support and help develop new technology and policy, and to address the coming social and economic challenges and opportunities arising from a changing climate.”

As for teachers, the bill laments that “Only 30 percent of middle school and 45 percent of high school science teachers understand the extent of the scientific consensus on climate change.”  Clearly, leftist re-education camps, er, “relevant teacher training and professional development” are necessary to rectify this impediment.

“Despite the immediate danger posed by climate change, many middle school and high school teachers lack the training to teach students about it,” Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), a co-sponsor of the bill, commented in a tweet. “Our bill will create professional development grants for teachers to ensure students are getting the best education they can.”

But not to worry—despite the “immediate danger” touted by Senator Feinstein, the bill she co-sponsored explains that “Providing clear information about climate change… can remove the fear and the sense of helplessness, and encourage individuals and communities to take action.” That will surely be a comfort to kindergarteners who will be taught that Mommy’s SUV is putting the planet in peril. And when they graduate high school, they can esteem themselves for their “high climate literacy”—even if lesser skills such as writing and arithmetic have lagged behind.


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