In Europe, “Misgenderism” Lands You 2 Years in Jail

But it’s thumbs-up for "F***ing Jews."

UK citizen, journalist and devout Catholic, Caroline Farrow, staunchly believes that males are born male and females are born female. Rightly or wrongly, she maintains that it is her good-faith religious conviction that the sex of an individual cannot change. About ½ year ago, she posted her belief on twitter and in a series of comments related to the subject, “misgendered” a 25-year-old transgender woman. The woman’s mother then filed a complaint with the police, claiming that Farrow violated the UK’s Malicious Communications Act.

Under the act, the offender potentially faces up to a two-year prison sentence, and/or monetary penalties if found guilty of “a message which is indecent or grossly offensive,” “a threat,” “information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender,” or “any article or electronic communication which is, in whole or part, of an indecent or grossly offensive nature.” Apparently, the UK’s thought police believes that there exists a basis for prosecution under the act and has ordered Farrow to give a taped interview to authorities. According to Farrow, the police informed her that if she did not comply, she would be arrested.

The nation that produced stalwarts like Benjamin Disraeli, Winston Churchill and Margret Thatcher has now devolved into a semi-Orwellian state where you can go to jail for exercising freedom of speech and hurting other people’s feelings. But there is one ancient group of people on the Western side of the European continent exempt from “hurt feelings,” and you can say or do pretty much anything to this group with little or no official repercussion.

There’s been a surge of antisemitism on the European continent where a brew of leftist antisemitism, Islamic antisemitism and old fashion European antisemitism has merged to form the perfect storm for Jew-hatred. And Europe’s “enlightened” leaders are cheering from the sidelines. If you think that’s an alarmist characterization, consider the following recent disturbing incidents.

At a concert In Norway, in June 2018, a Muslim Norwegian rapper of Iranian descent named Kaveh Kholardi wished his audience a happy Eid (a Muslim holiday). He then asked if there were any Christians in the audience and wished them well too. Then he inquired if there were any Jews among the crowd. When no one reacted, he responded “F***ing Jews.” According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the event was supposed to celebrate diversity. Kholardi’s twitter feed is laced with anti-Semitic invective. Just days prior to the concert, Kholardi tweeted, “F***ing Jews are so corrupt.”

A complaint was filed with Norway’s attorney general who saw nothing wrong with the comment. AG   Tor Aksel Busch noted that while the “f***ing Jews” remark “seems to be targeting Jews, it can however also be said to express dissatisfaction with the policies of the State of Israel.”

A March 2019 carnival in the Belgian city of Aalst featured floats depicting Hassidic Jews with grotesquely exaggerated facial features. The Hassidic Jews were holding rats while hovering over bags of money and gold coins. Complaints to the City’s mayor, Christoph D’Haese, were met with indifference. The annual carnival where the display appeared was added in 2010 to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is unsurprising that this type of display would appear in a UNESCO-sanctioned event since UNESCO is a UN body obsessively dedicated to severing the Jewish nexus to the Land of Israel.

In France, court-appointed psychiatrists have concluded that the Muslim suspect in the slaying of a 66-year-old Jewish woman could not be held accountable for his actions due to the fact that he’s a pothead and had elevated levels of cannabis in his system during the crime. In 2017, Kobili Traore broke into the Paris apartment of Sarah Halimi and beat her senseless for an hour while French policemen just stood by outside. Traore, who admitted to knowing that his elderly victim was Jewish, repeatedly chanted Allah Akbar during the course of the vicious assault and referred to Halimi as the “Devil.” He crushed her skull and tossed her out of her third floor window.

Seventy-four years after the Holocaust, Jewish blood on the European continent remains as cheap as it was when the Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Treblinka murder factories were operating at full capacity. And the madness currently affecting Europe has reached America’s shores where the US Democratic Party is falling under the deleterious influence of Democratic Socialism and morphing ever so quickly into the party of Jeremy Corbyn.

Democratic lawmakers struggled with a resolution condemning anti-Semitic statements espoused by one of their own, Representative Ilhan Omar. Omar entertained numerous anti-Semitic tropes including the dual loyalty canard. In the end, the resolution did not name her and was watered down to include six different categories. It represented a craven and repulsive display of pandering and reflects the current trajectory of today’s Democratic Party.  But the Democrats’ cravenness may come at a steep cost. As noted in a recent NYPost article, authors Mary Kay Linge and Doree Lewak note that Jewish Democrats have grown wary of the Party’s trajectory and are leaving in significant numbers. If this is indeed the case, Democrats should expect to be left out in the cold for another four years.    


Photograph: S Meddle/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock.


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