Maajid Nawaz Pulls Race Card In Defense of ISIS Bride Shamina Begum

Why exactly is a Muslim "reformer" conflating Islam with skin tone?

An airsoft shooting range in England is using a picture of ISIS bride from London Shamima Begum for people to hone their shooting skills on, and Maajid Nawaz isn’t happy about it. “We must be better than our enemies,” Pope Maajid tells us, whilst railing against using a jihadist’s face for target practice, calling it “disgusting and inhumanly degrading behaviour.” Old habits die hard with Maajid, in my opinion — here he is defending a terrorist. Maajid quickly goes on to tell us, “It won’t be long before this face is replaced by just any brown or black face,” as if people at that shooting range are firing at Shamima Begum not because she is a jihadist, but because she is brown. “The Shamima Begum 2-tier citizenship debacle *is* connected to race,” Maajid insists. He is trying to get us to believe that race wars in the UK are already unfolding before his eyes.

The real war occurring in the UK today is against non-Muslim men and non-Muslim girls. These two groups of people are the biggest victims, if Maajid wants to start talking about war. Non-Muslim boys are being neglected in favour of Muslims. They are dropping out of school earlier, more are living in poverty, and they have the highest levels of illiteracy in the UK today (not to mention suicide rates), thanks to all of the enforced Cultural Marxism that is taking place, which sees non-Muslim men being excluded from certain jobs and a lot of apprenticeships and college and university places, generally on the basis of race. If Maajid wants to continue going down the race war route, then he should take a look at the white non-Muslim underage girls who are victims of brown (since Maajid is talking about skin tone, as if it had something to do with resentment against Shamima Begum) Pakistani Muslim men. There’s your race war right there, Maajid. Or perhaps he can cast an eye over Twitter this past week alone: multiple videos have surfaced of lone non-Muslim boys being battered unconscious by packs of Pakistani Muslim youths. And, as always, when a non-Muslim is battered or killed or robbed by a Pakistani Muslim, there’s rarely a “hate crime” label attached to it, as there is whenever anything, no matter how random, happens to a Muslim.

Maajid is a published author and the head of a think tank. He speaks several languages, and it would be safe to assume that he thinks of himself as being an educated  man. The reader has to ask himself the question: why is Maajid still conflating Islam with skin tone? He must know that Islam is not a race, and that fact doesn’t need repeating.  There are Chinese,  African, Caucasian, and Arab Muslims. The fact that he would come out to decry so strenuously something that is doing no harm to anyone except for the public image of Muslim terrorists is very telling. People have every right to vent their anger and hatred at a terrorist. She’s an ISIS bride, and shooting at a piece of paper with an airsoft rifle is no more harmful than squeezing a soft stress ball in the palm of one’s hand. People abuse Trump effigies all the time and no one bats an eyelid, but start shooting an airsoft rifle at a picture of an ISIS bride, and suddenly we all need to start talking about race war, according to Maajid Nawaz.

Nonsense. The Muslim ISIS bride has been interviewed on TV. She says that she doesn’t feel the Manchester bombing was justified because innocent people were killed, but she is cool with the sexual enslavement, rape, torture and killing of Yazidis, because she was told that they were enemy combatants and therefore fair game.

This is standard Islamic doctrine as practiced and preached by Muhammad himself. No outreach, no forgiveness, no negotiations, no tolerance, just outright brutal theft, torture, rape, and murder of one’s enemies and critics. If Maajid wants to be better than anyone, he might want to start by more closely examining the attributes of his prophet and aspiring to be better than he was. Islam is not a race, as Maajid would have you believe, and Muslims, and Pakistanis in particular, are not under threat in the UK today. They have monopolized large areas of towns and cities, and they own the drug trades. They also head up the majority of rape and grooming gangs wherever they settle. They are protected by family and community (the families of the latest batch of Muslim rapists were in court recently, screaming at the judge because he had the audacity to jail their rapist Muslim husbands). These rapists walk free in every town and city in the UK. Their faces are known and no one attacks them. Everyone is afraid of being called “racist” and “Isolamophobic.”

Time to drop the victim card, Maajid. You know that Islam is not a race, and you need to give it up, because you’re not going to make it a thing. It’s not going to happen.


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