The New Zealand Morality Play

Welecome to the Left's morbid "blame-Islamophobia-game."

If the horrific massacre of 49 Muslims at prayer in two New Zealand mosques shows us anything, it is how askew the moral universe has become since the attacks of 9/11. Since that date, Muslim fanatics have carried out more than 34,000 deadly terror attacks against “infidels” (i.e., people who do not share their faith), murdering – often by the most barbaric methods – hundreds of thousands of Christian men, women and children merely because they are Christians. Yet the world of progressive moralizing seems not to notice these casualties or to reflect on the consequences of the war that Muslims have initiated and continue to prosecute.

Virtually the same day as the New Zealand bloodbath, Muslim militants entered a church in the Philippines and mowed down 20 Christians. That same week Muslims in Nigeria slaughtered 85 evangelical Christians – for being Christians – an atrocity that received little attention in the West.  

Although the massacres in the New Zealand mosques were carried out by a shooter who described himself as an admirer of Communist China and identified his motive as seeking to sow dissension in the United States, progressives seized on the incident to blame President Trump and his alleged anti-Muslim policies for inciting the attack. At New York University, leftwing students extended this ludicrous and repulsive over-reach to include Chelsea Clinton, whom they said “stoked” the “Islamophobia” that led to the attack when she criticized the anti-Semitic remarks of Muslim Brotherhood adviser and Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

“Islamophobia” is a term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to stifle any criticism of their anti-infidel jihad.  In the perverse universe of the Left, Omar is a victim because she is black, female and Muslim. But, of course, Omar was the aggressor, attacking Jews without provocation, just as her comrades in the Brotherhood were the aggressors in launching a 70-year terror war against the Jewish state, and formally declaring war on Christians and non-Muslims, carrying out more than 34,000 terror attacks targeting “infidels” since 9/11.

In this perspective, the New Zealand Muslims were innocent victims not of Donald Trump and Chelsea Clinton, but of the backlash provoked by the atrocities of their Muslim brothers. Ilhan Omar supports those brothers – and therefore their atrocities – in word and deed. A week before the New Zealand attacks she was keynoting a fund-raiser for the Hamas wing of the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist network. But to point this out is “Islamophobia.”

There are three things at work here. The race and gender bigotry of the progressive movement, which blinds it to the aggressions and depravities of black and brown movements like the Islamic jihad; the selective anti-religious fervor which is directed at Christians and Jews, but excuses in advance the crimes of Islam; and – third - the anti-white passions of cultural Marxism, which resonate with the Ayatollah Khomeini's summary descriptions of America and Israel as the Great and Little Satans.

The moral arc will not be set straight until we begin to hold people accountable for their actions, regardless of race, gender or religious creed. Hopefully, the second thoughts which important constituencies of the Democratic Party are now having over the party's embrace of the reprehensible Ilhan Omar will play an important role in righting its course.