UNHRC Spews Another Modern-Day Blood Libel

Irredeemably-biased UN body demonstrates its Jew-hate yet again.

The United Nations Human Rights Council, the body that sanctioned and peddled the now infamous and thoroughly discredited Goldstone Report (later repudiated by its principle author, Richard Goldstone) is at it again. Late last week, the UNHRC, whose membership includes democracy stalwarts like Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan and China, released a commission of inquiry (COI)report accusing Israel of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity by deliberately targeting  “journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognizable as such.”

The 22-page report purportedly examined the deaths of 189 Gazans allegedly at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces since March 30, 2018. That date coincides with the beginning of the Hamas–orchestrated and choreographed Palestinian riots along the Gaza border, dubbed by the terror group, “the Great March of Return.”

Israel did not cooperate with the UNHRC’s investigators and for good reason. The UNHRC is an irredeemably flawed organization whose well-documented bias has made it the poster child for antisemitism on the world stage. The body is obsessed with vilifying Israel to the exclusion of all other nations and maintains the infamous Agenda Item 7, which mandates debate on Israeli actions against Palestinians at every council session. No other nation on the planet, including those with abysmal human rights records, is subjected to such outrageous treatment.

Clearly, there can be but one reason for such “special” treatment. Seventy-four years after the Holocaust and the martyrdom of six-million Jews, the United Nations chooses to obsessively focus its negative energies on the world’s only Jewish nation. The same fascist, anti-Semitic ideology that infected Germany then, infects today’s UNHRC and similar UN committees like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO is driven by a near-mad obsession with severing the Jewish nexus to the Land of Israel.

The UNHRC’s report is flawed for a number of reasons. It lacks any form of proper context, relies almost exclusively on embellished reports from the Hamas-run Gazan health ministry as well as Palestinian advocacy groups affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the U.S. State Department lists as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). 

The report also ignores readily available public sources which directly refute the UNHRC’s findings and conclusions. For example, a report compiled by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terror Information Center (ITIC), covering the same period as the UNHRC’s report concludes that of 187 fatalities, 150 were affiliated with various Palestinian terrorist groups, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Considering that Hamas and its affiliate allies are notorious for employing women and children as human shields, that is an astonishing combatant to civilian ratio and it is unlikely that any army in the world could have accomplished such an incredible feat.

The UNHRC’s report also lacks sorely needed context. The destructive Palestinian riots, which commenced in March of last year, were accompanied by virulently violent and anti-Semitic rhetoric spewed by Hamas leaders. This fact was meticulously documented by UN Watch in a report which was completely ignored by the UNHRC’s fact-finders. For example, on April 8, 2018 Hamas leader Yehya Sinwar shouted to followers, “We will tear down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies.” Similar violent sentiments were expressed by other Hamas leaders in connection with the so-called “March of Return.”

The UNHRC’s report also fails to account for the phenomena of kite terror, the practice by which Palestinian terrorists attach incendiaries to balloons and kites and launch them into Israel. Kite terror has caused tremendous ecological harm to Israel’s south, transforming large swaths of green farm land and forest reserves into blackened ash. In addition to Hamas-orchestrated kite terror and violent border riots, Israel has had to endure multiple rocket and mortar launchings from Gaza. In fact, since the start of the “March of Return” rioting, Hamas or its affiliates have fired some 1,500 projectiles into Israel.

The Hamas-orchestrated riots have caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage to infrastructure. Gazan rioters at the Kerem Shalom humanitarian crossing caused extensive damage to buildings and fuel lines. This act was self-defeating as it merely served to worsen acute fuel shortages already existing within Gaza. Rioters have also been observed throwing grenades and IEDs under cover of concealed Hamas sniper attacks. During one such attack, an IDF soldier was shot in the head by a Hamas sniper but miraculously survived with only minor injuries after the bullet was deflected by his ballistic helmet. 

Prolific blogger Joe Truzman, who has managed to cultivate knowledgeable and unique sources within Gaza, and has also been scrupulously following developments there, noted several glaring inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the COI report. For example, one of the named fatalities of the COI report is Naji Abu Hajir. Yet as Mr. Truzman notes there is no mention of him being a member of the al-Qassam Brigades. The report simply and benignly refers to him as being a mechanic.

The UNHRC’s report reeks of bias and mendacity and represents nothing less than a modern-day blood libel. It is shocking that seventy-four years after the Holocaust, Jews are vilified by a body that purports to represent the world but that in reality represents nothing but a present-day reincarnate of age-old antisemitism steeped in hate and conspiracy.

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Photo by Jordi Bernabeu Farrús


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