Yet Again, Germany Horrified By Migrant Murder of Young Woman

Pakistani Muslim yells "Allahu Akbar" in church chancel at victim’s memorial service.

In modern-day Germany, it is an all-too-common, and tragic, love story. Girl meets migrant. Girl dates migrant. Girl argues with migrant. Migrant kills girl.

The victim this time was Cynthia, 21, a beautiful young woman and native of the cathedral city of Worms, who worked as a nurse and whose dream was to become a midwife.

“She lived for her work,” said Cynthia’s uncle after her murder in early March. “She wanted to become a mid-wife. She was happy, loved parties, cheerful.”

But Cynthia, whose last name can’t be revealed due to German law, won’t be realizing her life dream of delivering babies due to her boyfriend Ahmed, 22, a Tunisian.

Ahmed had arrived in Germany in October, 2017, and applied for asylum. He had met Cynthia only four months before he murdered her. Cynthia lived in the upper story of the family home, which she had to herself. Occasionally, Ahmed stayed overnight. Police say Cynthia was murdered in her room.

One night in early March, Cynthia and Ahmed got into an argument. The Tunisian then took a knife and stabbed Cynthia, apparently while she was lying on her bed, numerous times. She suffered 10-15 stab and cut wounds to her back, neck, hands and lung.  

Ahmed gave himself up to police the next morning, confessing his guilt without providing a motive. The police then went to Cynthia’s home and indeed found her body there.

After they first met, Cynthia, according to one report, was so taken by her new Arab boyfriend that she started wearing the headscarf and learning Arabic. But only four days before the murder, on March 4, Ahmed was ordered deported. He wanted Cynthia to accompany him back to Tunisia, but she refused. It is speculated whether this was the murder’s motive.

Police had been looking for Ahmed since his deportation order was issued but couldn’t find him. He had disappeared last October from the migrant hostel where he was registered.

And like many of the migrants who murder women, Ahmed was already known to police for such crimes as assault causing bodily harm, drug offenses, threats and coercion. He was also in jail for three weeks last October for theft. Police also discovered Ahmed used different identities to get multiple welfare checks.

But the shock to Worms did not end with Cynthia’s murder. Shortly before her memorial service began, a Pakistani, 29, added incredible insult to injury by standing by the altar with outstretched arms yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Some mourners, no doubt recognizing the cry Islamic terrorists make when they kill, understandably hurriedly left the church and contacted police. Police apprehended the Pakistani, but let him go. They are currently investigating him for “disrupting a religious service.” This incident was reported to have “deeply moved” the Worms area. (No wonder here.)

The political reaction to Cynthia’s death is, as expected, the usual, pro forma response nowadays when Germany loses a precious young life to migrant criminals. Always, the political right is mentioned as the evil one.

The mayor from Worms, a Socialist Party member, was no exception. He indicated “it can’t be allowed that such an event be misused by extreme right and populist right forces for their purposes.”

It must be noted that such mainstream politicians never discuss whether it was a wise decision on their part to allow in hundreds of thousands of single, young men from patriarchal, women-despising, Muslim societies and what their responsibility is for this act and for subsequent murders like Cynthia’s. After all, it is not right wing Germans killing and raping women but the migrants.

Another sterling example of a women-despising migrant/murderer allowed into Germany is Hussein Khaveri. Khaveri entered Germany in November, 2015, and less than a year later had strangled and drowned medical student Maria Ladenburger in a river in Freiburg, a crime that also rocked Germany.

“He knew that she was alive as he laid her in the Dreisam (River), that she would drown, that she had to drown,” said the judge at his trial.

Khavari arrived in Germany without documents, claiming to be a minor from Afghanistan. His Iranian father later said he had a document showing his son was 32 years old. A German medical examination proved he was at least 25.

Before Germany, Khavari had landed first in Greece where he was convicted of attempted murder for robbing and throwing a young woman over a cliff. She fortunately survived.

But unfortunately for Maria Ladenburger, Khavari was released after only a year and a half of his sentence in an amnesty for juvenile offenders. Khavari, however, had manifested his women-despising attitude to Greek police who testified at his trial that he said of his Grecian victim: “that’s just a woman.”

In another familiar tactic, after Maria’s murder, mainstream politicians, again like in Cynthia’s case, sought to distract attention from the fact that it was once more a migrant who had committed the latest anti-woman horror by spreading culpability to include Germans.

Sigmar Gabriel, then Chairman of the Socialist Party, said: “Refugees commit the same horrifying crimes as the people born in Germany.”

Julia Klockner, then chairwoman of the Christian Democrats, Angela Merkel’s supposedly conservative party responsible for the mass migrant influx in 2015, echoed the socialist Gabriel: “Such cruelties are committed by natives and foreigners, this is no new phenomenon.”

But these politicians, like some in the United States, are deliberately missing the point, made by America’s Angel Mothers, among others, whose children have also been murdered by illegal migrants: If these illegal migrants weren’t here, our children would still be alive.

Besides Cynthia and Maria, there have been many more girls and women in Germany murdered and raped by migrants. For example, 14-year-old Susanna Feldman from Wiesbaden, whose body was dumped in an isolated area beside a railroad track. Her murderer was a 20-year-old Iraqi who had arrived in Germany in 2016 but had his asylum application rejected.  

Susanna’s mother had received a text message in bad German saying not to look for her and that she would be home in two or three weeks. By then, Susanna was already dead.

In addition to all this, in Germany’s greatest ever sexual assault case on New Year’s Eve in Cologne in 2015, despite the 600 sexual assault complaints launched by women there were only three convictions. As reported, most of the perpetrators were North Africans and Iraqis. And the three convicted were found guilty only because they had made selfies of themselves and their victims.

Germans must feel at a lost about their country.

Only Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maziere, expressed German citizens’ confusion when he said: “It is completely incomprehensible that after such a large number of sexual assaults, so few of the culprits were convicted.”

Rainer Wendt, head of Germany’s police union probably sums up best the feelings of the German people as regards migrant murder and sexual assaults against women when he said after Susanna’s death:

“People feel that the state has lost control. There are thousands of people in the country and we don’t know who they are.”


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