Beto Vs. Bibi

A Democratic presidential candidate demonstrates his rank hypocrisy and ignorance.

The crowded field of Democratic Party hopefuls contains more than its fair share of odd characters. Corey Booker actually referred to himself as Spartacus while John Hickenlooper bragged about watching a porn flick with his mom. Kamala Harris claimed she smoked her fair share of weed during her college years while listening to Tupac and Snoop Dog, years before these rappers put out their first labels. But the candidate who takes top prize for the most truly bizarre is Robert Francis O'Rourke, aka “Beto.”

O’Rourke admitted to eating dirt after his failed bid to take Ted Cruz’s Texas senate seat. He also allegedly tried tricking his wife into eating baby excrement, telling her that it was an avocado. Rounding out O’Rourke’s insanity was his obligatory apology for his “white privilege” and a host of other irredeemable transgressions including his alleged misogyny, insensitivity to his wife and a past desire to run over kids with a car (yeah, you read that last bit correctly).

But while O’Rourke’s talents qualify him to play an extra on “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” they’re not necessarily portable to the presidential realm. O’Rourke learned that the hard way when just days before Israel’s general election, he called Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist” and noted that Netanyahu does not represent “the true will of the Israeli people.” O’Rourke also leveled criticism at the Palestinian Authority’s unelected chieftain Mahmoud Abbas, but it was more subdued and couched in terms of policy rather than base ad hominem attacks. 

On April 9, the Israeli people overwhelmingly gave Netanyahu a mandate to form the next governing coalition. Netanyahu’s Likud Party performed spectacularly as Israel’s electorate provided “King Bibi,” as many affectionately refer to him, with a full vote of confidence.

Contrary to Beto’s assertion, Bibi in fact represents the true will of the people, otherwise the electorate would have handed the mandate to Benny Gantz, Bibi’s chief political rival. In the very unlikely event that Beto became America’s commander in chief, he would be placed in the awkward situation of having to deal with the Churchillian statesman he publicly defamed.

But Beto’s forced error is the least of the worries. More troubling is his rank hypocrisy. When Ilhan Omar accused Jews of hypnotizing the world, maintaining dual loyalties, and stuffing the pockets of politicians with “Benjamins” to buy loyalty for Israel, Beto remained silent. No expressions of horror and indignation over Omar’s comments were offered. When Mahmoud Abbas let loose with a torrent of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in early May of last year, all we heard from Beto was crickets. In his rant, Abbas, among other lovely gems, claimed that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves due to their “social behavior” and usurious conduct, and further claimed that Ashkenazi Jews are imposter descendants of the Khazars.

Tellingly, Beto didn’t seem at all bothered by these and other disquieting comments issued by Omar, Abbas and their allies like Rep. Rashida Tlaib and British Labour Party head, Jeremy Corbyn. No, what keeps Beto up at night is Israel’s democratically elected leader, who during his lengthy tenure forged closer ties with the U.S., kept the Iranians off balance in Syria, blunted Iran’s nuclear ambitions and presided over unprecedented and sustained Israeli economic growth which benefits all Israelis, Jews and Arabs alike.

The disparity in the manner in which Beto lashes out at the leader of an allied state but remains mute when confronted with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories should come as no surprise. The left only cares about antisemitism when it fits a pre-defined narrative. Thus, antisemitism of the type expressed by Omar and Tlaib is swept under the rug because they can’t use it to tarnish Trump, the GOP and conservatives at large. Similarly, the crusty octogenarian Abbas can paradoxically in the same breadth deny the existence of the Holocaust yet state that the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves, without so much as getting a raised eyebrow from Mr. Beto and his leftist cohorts.

Beto’s baseless personal attack on the leader of America’s most important and influential Mideast ally should raise alarm bells among those within the Democratic Party who still cling to traditional notions of true liberalism. The Democratic Party of today has morphed into a malevolent political entity where antisemitism is accorded a hierarchal structure with some expressions of Jew hate being tolerated and even encouraged. Beto represents a mere symptom of a vastly larger problem. Like its Corbyn-led Labour cousin across the Atlantic, the Democratic Party is a diseased and decaying political entity in rapid decline.     


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