Make Americachukuo Great Again

Why the Democrat-Mexico-Central America axis loves our suicidal immigration policies.

California Governor Gavin Newsom just took a trip to El Salvador, where he proclaimed that President Trump is “in many ways getting what he wants” on border and immigration policy. That would come as a surprise to the president who has often described U.S. immigration policy as stupid, and worse. In reality, those crashing our border, and those who send them, also regard American policy as stupid, in a different sense.

“Any teacher can corroborate that the children and youths descended from Scandinavians, Dutch, and English found in North American universities, are much slower, and almost dull, compared with the mestizo children and youths from the south.” That’s the view of former Mexican education secretary and presidential candidate Jose Vasconcelos, author of La Raza Cósmica, (The Cosmic Race) but those people of no color from northern Europe are hardly the only dullards.

The “inferior races” include blacks, “eager for sensual joy, intoxicate with dances  and unbridled lust.” The “Mongol” with “the mystery of his slanted eyes,” is “lacking in the necessary boldness for new enterprises.” These races, including those Scandinavian, English and Dutch dullards, are all destined to face away, replaced by the Ibero-American “cosmic” race, the superior mestizos of Mexico and Central America.

This racist tract was republished in 1979 by the Chicano Studies Department at Cal State LA. Its Hitlerish master-race theory, as even the Communist Bert Corona recognized, remains the core of “Chicano Studies.” The Ibero-Indian master race is also the raza of the influential National Council of La Raza, which supplied POTUS 44 with staffers such as Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council. The organization changed its name to UnidosUS in 2017, but the razaista ideas remain, and that compounds the border problem.

To allow anybody from any country to enter the USA and claim asylum is a stupid policy, to say the least. A ballpark figure for bogus Central American asylum claims is 100 percent, same for the fake names and documents. To accept people about whom we know nothing is beyond stupid. To catch invaders then release them is stupid. And to give false documented illegals and their handlers everything they want, asking for nothing in return, as FDR did with Stalin, is stupidity of the highest order.

The illegals and their handlers see this see it as more evidence that, as Vasconcelos believed, the yanquis and “anglos,” code for those with names like D’Arsenault, Scalia, Kowalksi, and O’Hoolahan, are all stupid people in the process of passing into history. Their Democrat and media allies reinforce the fiction that the border crashers are always better people, wonderful “dreamers” who commit less crime, and as Joe Biden said, they are “already American citizens.” 

Gavin Newsom (pictured above) is essentially the governor general for the 680,000 Salvadorans and millions of Mexican nationals in California, and he wants them to get what they want. California provides illegals with a host of taxpayer funded benefits, including in-state college tuition. Sanctuary policies protection from deportation even the violent MS-13 gang members whose “reign of terror” in Mendota, near Fresno, has claimed 14 murder victims.

Such stupid immigration policy has made the United States a kind of Americachukuo, based on the Manchukuo model, an economic colony of the Mexico-Central American axis. In 2018 Mexicans in the United States sent back $33.48 billion to the motherland, an amount impossible without massive inputs from American taxpayers.

Democrats have no problem subsidizing the corrupt Mexican and Central American governments, of which they are uncritical. They thus absolve these governments from any responsibility for the deplorable conditions in their countries, including human rights violations, and shift all blame and responsibility to the United States. This is stupid but they do it because the illegals function as the Democrats’ imported electoral college.

As legitimate citizens and legal immigrants might note, after the 2016 election, California secretary of state Alex Padilla refused to cooperate with a federal probe of voter fraud. When illegals got driver’s licences, California’s “motor voter” program automatically signed them up to vote. By 2018, the one million “new” voters – code for illegals – had been added to the rolls. Padilla won’t say how many “ineligibles” actually voted but a ballpark figure would be 100 percent. Polling places feature signs saying “No ID needed,” so they basically take all comers.

Meanwhile, contrary to Newsom, Trump is getting little if anything he wants on the border. If the president does get the wall, Democrats will campaign on tearing it down, as “Beto” O’Rourke recently hinted by proclaiming that he would tear down existing border walls.

The president may do better on immigration if he wins in 2020 and gets a Republican Congress. After that all bets are off. 

In 2024, candidates could include an open-borders socialist Democrat and a Republican like Jeb Bush, who is uncritical of the Mexico-Central America axis and supports the those who violate U.S. immigration law. Either one could turn back the clock to those halcyon days when the U.S politicians gave border invaders everything they wanted while asking nothing in return. In other words, “Make Americachukuo Great Again” will be the rallying cry.

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Photo by Ron's Log


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