The Mueller Files

The back story of America’s Deep State Dzerzhinsky.

“When did Mueller become God?” wondered Rudy Giuliani after release of the Mueller report. The Trump attorney and former New York mayor was not alone in such sentiments.

On his Fox News program, Mark Levin blasted the Mueller report as a 400-page, $35 million op-ed that amounts to an “impeachment report.” And after the finding of “no collusion,” the Democrat-media axis quickly pivoted to the obstruction of justice narrative.

“Was Robert Mueller Colluding with Russia?” wondered Christopher Roach at American Greatness. “What could possibly sow more discord,” Roach notes, “than suggesting the president broke the law and stole an election by treacherously teaming up with a hostile foreign power?” That is hardly the only question about the special counsel with the Easter Island stone face, a runner-up for the Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” award last year.

Like his pal James Comey, Mueller was not an FBI man who rose through the ranks. Even so, two months before 9/11, Mueller defended the FBI over blunders such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Robert Hanssen, the FBI man who spied for Russia.  Mueller proclaimed that, if confirmed, “I will make it my highest priority to restore the public's confidence in the FBI and to re-earn the faith and trust of the American people.”

Robert Mueller has been botching investigations since the anthrax attacks,” headlined Daniel Ashman’s Federalist article last year. At the time of 9/11, someone was sending letters reading “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great” and bearing a cargo of deadly anthrax.

“Mueller didn’t go after al-Qaida for the anthrax letters because he couldn’t find a direct link,” Ashman explains, “but then he targeted American citizens without showing a direct link.”

Mueller’s team targeted Steven Hatfill, a veteran who worked in the Army’s Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases. No evidence linked Hatfill to the anthrax attacks but in their largest-ever investigation, the FBI spied and harassed the patriotic American for years. Never charged, Hatfill duly sued and won more than $5 million. As Ashman concluded, “the investigation was an unmitigated disaster for America.” Mueller’s ad-hominem style and disastrous consequences were painfully evident in the Russia investigation, and another back story has escaped notice.

On Mueller’s watch, an Illinois politician was on the rise, propelled by his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father. As the author publicly acknowledged, the happy-drunk “Frank” character was Frank Marshall Davis, described as a poet. As professor Paul Kengor documented in The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, Davis was a dutiful Stalinist with a massive FBI file. In the event of conflict with the Soviet Union, Davis would have been detained.

Davis died in 1987 but in the mid-90s along comes a Democrat touting the wisdom of the African American Communist, who spent much of his life defending all-white Stalinist dictatorships. According to Cliff Kincaid, conservative anti-Communist Trevor Louden was the first to identify “Frank” as Davis, and that took place during the Dreams author’s first term as president. Mueller’s FBI either missed the connection or failed to make it known.

As CNN recently noted, “when the end of his ten-year term as director came, then-President Barack Obama took the rare step of asking Mueller to stay on.” The Bureau’s lid on Davis may have had something to do with it, and Mueller became the longest-serving FBI boss since J. Edgar Hoover. At the end of the extension, “Obama tapped Mueller's old Bush administration colleague, Comey, to take over the FBI.”

Like Mueller, Comey was not a rank-and-file FBI man. James Comey was a Clinton crony from his days as a U.S. Attorney, and the key player in the FBI’s “Midyear Exam” operation to clear Hillary Clinton from any criminal charges. When Clinton lost the 2016 election, the “Crossfire Hurricane” operation kicked in to frame Trump on charges of collusion with Russia. 

Before anybody could turn around, the DOJ tapped as special counsel Robert Mueller, whom POTUS 44 had made the “rare move” of retaining. From the texts of FBI counterintelligence boss Peter Strzok, Mueller knew from the start that there was “no there there,” on collusion. Still, Mueller hired a squad of Clinton sturmtruppen and spent $35 million over two years. The alleged man of integrity found no collusion but left behind a manual for congressional Democrats who are panting, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib said, to “impeach the motherfucker!”

Democrats charge the president “obstructed justice,” but as the report shows, Trump was only resisting a bogus investigation abetted by fake news. The Trump administration needs to investigate the investigators, all the way back to Mueller’s Hooveresque tenure at the FBI.

Who was in charge of compiling the file on Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis? When did the FBI know that Davis was “Frank” in the Dreams book, and how did the FBI respond? How did FBI director Robert Mueller handle the revelations on Davis? Why did the Dreams author retain Mueller to run the FBI?  The people have a right to know.

Meanwhile, a thorough investigation of the collusion-mongers could spare a future president the kind of ordeal Donald Trump has endured since his landmark election victory in 2016.


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