Religious Freedom Is the Bulwark

Against the progressive tyranny waiting in the wings.

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Socialism – the bloody, discredited 19th century fantasy that killed millions and reduced whole continents to poverty – is the new fashion among Democrats. The Green New Deal, the elimination of gas driven automobiles and the fossil fuel industry, government control of health care are among the most radical changes in American life ever proposed by a major political party. Make no mistake, this is nothing like the socialism of Scandinavia, which is more accurately described as welfare state capitalism. Though he claims that Denmark is the socialism to which he aspires, Bernie lies. Bernie Sanders did not choose Copenhagen for his honeymoon. He chose Moscow, in the heyday of the communist empire. His heroes are Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh, not King Frederik IV or Danish Prime Minister Anders Rasmussen. You cannot give government absolute control over healthcare, as every leading Democrat proposes, or eliminate 300 million private combustion engine cars on a ten-year deadline, or force the reconstruction of 300 million homes and buildings, without also creating a police state. Yet this is exactly what the Ocasio Cortez communist party is proposing - in so many words - in the program she proposes to implement through a command and control military state, and which every leading Democrat is falling over themselves to support.

For decades the Democratic Party has been advancing an ideology -“identity politics” -that erases individuals and their accountability in favor of race and gender tribes who are situated in an imaginary hierarchy of oppression. Membership in these tribes defines an individual’s status as oppressor or oppressed – evil or good - predetermining their innocence or guilt. We witnessed this in the public lynching of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, where congressional Democrats acted as prosecutors on behalf of a self-confessed liar Christine Blasey Ford, who also happened to be a pro-abortion Democrat and Trump-hater with every reason to crucify Trump’s nominee even though she couldn’t remember where the alleged crime took place, or when, or who was present to support her testimony. We have seen the totalitarian agendas of identity politics on our university campuses, where conservatives have been systematically purged from the faculties, conservative ideas expunged from the curricula, and conservative visitors blocked from speaking lest their viewpoints get a reasonable hearing and corrupt impressionable minds.

And we see it in the war on religious liberty – spearheaded by fraudulent Supreme Court decisions suppressing religious expression in the public schools, then inventing non-existent “rights” in the Constitution to promote the mass slaughter of the unborn  – 63 million  babies and counting – and now even children who have already been born alive. The Democratic Party fanatics defend this inhumanity as an absolute right behind the veil of “women’s reproductive freedom.” This is the Orwellian depth to which we have sunk. Abortion is not a defense of women’s right to choose. Women are free to choose to have sex; to choose with whom to have sex; to choose whether to have unprotected sex, or whether to use the morning after pill (or not); and finally, whether to bring a child into the world and find it a loving adoptive home. To call reproductive freedom the right to kill a child already born, or a child yet to be born is to defend murder. It is barbaric and inhuman - a stark warning to the rest of us about the future Democratic ‘socialists” have in store for this country if they are given the power to implement their vision, and dispose of the inconvenient or resistant along the way.

The progressive assault on our country begins with the assault on religious liberty and the freedom of conscience, which has been ongoing since the expulsion of religion from the public schools in the 1960s. Religious liberty is the cornerstone of our democracy and our civilization, and it is under siege and in retreat. Whether it is a memorial cross on public lands to commemorate heroes who gave their lives to keep us free, or the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity whose celibate nuns were pursued through the courts by the vindictive Obama White House, to force them to provide contraceptives to the elderly poor who had no use for them; or whether it is the LGBTQ vigilantes out to force a Colorado baker to make cakes that violate his religious beliefs, the aggressive bigotry of progressives knows no limits. They are the storm troopers of a new totalitarianism whose clear agenda is a one-party state to enforce their political correctness: no electoral college, no senate, no i.d. checks at the ballot box, no barriers at the borders, no voting age lower limit – where exactly do you think they’re heading?  

Freedom of conscience is the first and most important freedom we enjoy as Americans along with its indispensable ancillary, freedom of speech. If your thoughts cannot be defended, and if you cannot express them to your fellow citizens, your days as a free individual are numbered. If you can’t think for yourself, and express your thoughts whatever they are, you cannot defend any of your freedoms. If we lose this final bulwark of our democracy, the totalitarian night of progressive “justice” will be finally upon us, and there will be no reprieve. Freedom of conscience is already vanishing from the political landscape under the onslaught of the left, and freedom of expression is not far behind thanks to the unprecedented power of the Silicon oligarchs. The hour is late, but if we rise to the occasion, it may not be beyond reprieve.


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