Sri Lankan “Easter Worshippers” -- and Christophobia

A telling reminder of leftist hatred for Christianity.

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Last Easter Sunday, as Christians in Sri Lanka united with fellow believers to celebrate the glorious Resurrection of their Lord, they were besieged as terrorists launched a campaign targeting multiple churches and hotels.

At least 321 people have been murdered, with approximately 500 more injured.     

Although the majority religion of this country of 21 million people is Buddhism, and while Buddhists have indeed been among the persecutors of the disciples of Jesus, it is the Islamic State (ISIS) that has claimed responsibility for the carnage. 

When word of this massacre broke, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tweeted out sympathy for the “Easter worshippers,” the Christian men, women, and children who were murdered and maimed.  “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity,” the former American president remarked.  Clinton said: “I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

As the (Jewish) commentator Dennis Prager noted, not only is it the case that neither Obama nor Clinton “used the word ‘Christians’;” that “they went so far as to make up a new term—‘Easter worshippers’” that had been “heretofore unknown to any Christian” proves that Obama and Clinton went out of their way to avoid mentioning “Christians” and “Christianity.”

Prager points out that when a white man in New Zealand shot some 50 Muslims as they prayed in their mosque, Obama and Clinton expressed condolences for Muslims who were harmed while worshipping in their mosque.  And when a white non-Jewish man fired upon Jews who were praying in their synagogue in Pennsylvania, Clinton tweeted out reference to the synagogue.

Yet in neither her nor Obama’s tweets was there any references to Christians, Christianity, or churches.

Some points:    

(1) Though the Obamas and the Clintons of our political universe wouldn’t dare admit it, the brute, ugly truth of the matter is that in the real world, as opposed to the alternative reality that the left has created, it is Christians—not Jews and certainly not Muslims—who are the most persecuted religious group on the face of the planet. 

No other religious group is so much as a close second when it comes to this subject.

(2) This last point wouldn’t be worth underscoring if not for the fact that the movers and shakers of our Government-Academic-Media-Entertainment (GAME) Complex are obviously determined to make sure that Americans (and all Westerners) are rendered utterly ignorant of the truth.

Christians the world over are persecuted to an extent and in ways that far exceed anything experienced by the adherents of other faiths, and, tellingly, 80% of the 50 most dangerous countries on Earth for Christians are Islamic-dominated. 

This anti-Christian oppression must be exposed for what it is.

(3) Though not every left-leaning American politician and commentator followed Obama and Clinton in referring to the hundreds of casualties of the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks as “Easter worshippers,” that the left would prefer not to remind anyone that the victims were targeted because they are Christian goes without saying.   

The question, however, is why? 

Those who wish to resist Political Correctness will, understandably, doubtless have reservations about adding a new “phobia” or “ism” to our ever-growing catalogue of forbidden secular transgressions.  Yet the term “Christophobia” is scarcely a violation of PC orthodoxy, and, in the interest of economy, it serves the purpose of designating this anti-Christian animus, a phenomenon that is as pervasive as it is dangerous.

The animosity toward Christianity manifests itself in a variety of ways.  Sometimes, as in Sri Lanka, say, it is murderous.  In many countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and in parts of Asia, it is nothing less than state-sanctioned violence. 

However, throughout the West generally and America specifically, the contempt toward Christianity, though systemic, is significantly more subtle.  Its chief purveyors are left-leaning politicians, journalists, commentators, academics, and entertainers, and it can be discerned in the by-now all too predictable denunciations of the Christian-based food chain Chick-Filet, say, and the equation of bigotry with rejection of “same-sex marriage” and transgenderism.

When pro-abortionist leftists accuse the (overwhelmingly religious) opponents of the killing of the unborn of wanting to deny “a woman’s right to choose” or of being agents of an oppressive “patriarchy,” they give expression to their Christophobia.

And when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton invent the term “Easter worshippers” so as to avoid mentioning that the hundreds of innocent men, women, and children who were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists were Christian, they actually reinforce, even if inadvertently, the very thing—Christophobia—that gave rise to the bloodbath.

In other words, and while they would never admit this, and maybe not even admit it to themselves, those who largely control the opinion-shaping institutions in America and the West would prefer not to stress the Christianity of those who are murdered, maimed, and persecuted by Christophobes because they themselves are Christophobes, though of an admittedly more subtle, less brutal variety.

But while the contempt of the Obamas and Clintons of America is not as virulent as that of the terrorists who set their sights on the “Easter worshippers” in Sri Lanka, that they do in fact have contempt for practicing Christians can be denied only by liars and those who choose not to see things for what they are.


Photo Credit : UCA News.


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