Glazov Video: Attention Police! Mohammed Cartoons Found!

Swedish police hunting down the vile criminals!

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In this new Jamie Glazov Video, Jamie focuses on: Attention Police! Mohammed Cartoons Found! — and he unveils how Swedish police are hunting down the vile criminals!

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Also tune into Jamie Glazov’s recent appearance on Governor Mike Huckabee’s TBN Show to discuss his new book:

    <a href=""><img alt="" src="" style="width: 253px; height: 131px; float: left;"></a>Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that Jamie’s new book is, as indicated in the screen shot/graphic to the left, <strong>Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the “<a href="">Medical Mental Illness</a>” category</strong>. It is also <strong>Amazon’s #1 New Release in the “<a href="">Islam</a>” category.</strong></p>

    Perhaps it is really no surprise, therefore, that <strong>Jihadist Psychopath</strong> has also been <strong><a href="">targeted by Twitter and Pakistan</a></strong> for violating Islamic blasphemy laws.</p>

    To learn about Jamie’s unveiling of the <strong>Jihadist Psychopath’s plantation</strong> — <strong>and how we can escape from it</strong>, <strong><a href="">CLICK HERE</a>.</strong></p>

    Also check out Jamie’s recent talk at the <strong>Freedom Center’s </strong><a href=""><strong>Wednesday Morning Club</strong></a> about his new book:</p>

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