The Sinister Bougie

Ocasio-Cortez's sinister dog whistle to her gulag-archipelago-loving base.

A few weeks ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one of her inane videos.

This one was about her amazement in finding a garbage disposal in a kitchen sink.

As I watched and listened to her, something sinister struck a chord within me.

One word grabbed my attention.  So, on a whim I typed it into the ole’ Googler and, lo and behold, there it was: The word was “bougie” (pronounced boo’-she) and she used it to refer to her condominium as a “bougie pad.”

‘Turns out the term is a sinister dog whistle to her gulag-archipelago-loving base.

Bougie is modern urban slang for bourgeoisie, aka the great upwardly mobile middle class – those whom communists treat with disdain while they are forced to tolerate them, and with totalitarian oppression once they gain enough power to take the gloves off.

The way she used the word, and how it spilled trippingly off her tongue, is a clear window into the true philosophy and intentions of AOC and, more importantly, her handlers and supporters.

Unlike the “Democratic Socialist” veneer she loves to front, Cortez is actually a true communist and intends to unleash authentic vile communism on whomever may eventually be unfortunate enough to wind up as her subjects.

The use of this particular word, bougie, was a verbal signal – a dog whistle – to her communist base, telling them: Although I use the Democratic Socialism label to self-identify, don’t worry; I’m really with you. And if you just keep working with me, and for me, we will reach our communist utopia soon enough.

By using the term bougie, Cortez signals that she clearly understands how roiled and dangerous her communist base is – and that they need constant signs of true progress on the path to dominance – lest they cleave from her and elevate a new figurehead on the path to being General Secretary.

How ironic that she employed this verbal talisman in reference to one of the many commonplace household appliances that entrepreneurial free-market capitalism has delivered to humanity. This, in turn, has resulted in the historic liberation of women from the daily drudgery of millennia: from back-breaking domestic labor into the glamorous modern age – a liberation which, if communism had been imposed on the societies that developed them, would never have happened.

Imagine where women would be today, and can still be seen daily in societies around the world that don’t yet have ubiquitous garbage disposals, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and modern plastics.

In times past, and in contemporary corners of the world still lacking widespread use of these technological wonders, women have been and continue to be slaves to the labor-intensive and time consuming daily tasks of hygiene and food preparation.

Communism, for all its lofty rhetoric, only promises one thing: To rake all this modern convenience away so we can live a purer life (whatever the hell that means.) And as per the communist true believers: Who cares? We’ll figure it out when we get there.

The use of bougie seems like a small thing but it’s actually a clear window into the most sinister character on the modern American political scene.

I’m terrified of Cortez.

If you’re smart, you are terrified too.


Ari David is a media consultant. Follow him on Twitter: @AriDavidUSA.