Trump vs. Che Guevara on Gay Pride—A Media Comparison

The ignorance and insanity of the mainstream media’s adoration of a mass-murdering homophobe.

“Trump and his administration have repeatedly rolled back existing [LGBT] protections, especially for transgender Americans… This is an all-out attack on not only the rights of trans people but our very existence in the public square,” says Charlotte Clymer, an LGBTQ activist and press secretary at the Human Rights Campaign. “Never have transgender people been under greater threat than under Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”  (Time magazine.)

It’s really difficult to ascertain exactly what atrocities the Trump administration has visited upon America’s LGBTs to merit Time magazine’s outrage. But the Trump State Dept’s ruling that the Gay Pride flag cannot flutter alongside the American flag at U.S. embassies during this “Gay Pride month” has added much volume to Time’s wails of pain and rage.

“Who put a book by that FILTHY F*GGOT on my shelf!” snarled Che Guevara upon noticing a book on the shelf of the Cuban embassy in Algiers in December 1964. The disgusted Che yanked out the book by Virgilio Piñera and slammed it against the wall, while snarling more insults of the sort that would get any American political figure vituperated for life by such as Time magazine, and banned from all social media.  

Piñera was an internationally-famous gay poet who had somehow prospered in “fascist, racist, classist, macho-ist, etc. etc. etc.!” Cuba before its “liberation” and “progressive enlightenment” by the Castro brothers and Guevara as hailed by the world’s “progressives” practically en masse.

Whatever else we might say about Che Guevara, in this case at least, this genuine Russian colluder (in case some have forgotten what Russian collusion actually looks like) certainly put his KGB-trained torturers where his mouth was. To wit:

A year after Guevara’s tantrum against “filthy f*ggots!” the regime he co-founded began herding tens of thousands of Cuban men and boys into forced labor camps for the crime of fluttering their eyelashes, flapping their hands, wearing tight pants, talking with a lisp, listening to rock music, etc.

In brief, Guevara co-founded the only regime in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere to herd gays at gunpoint into forced-labor camps for the crime of being gay (or suspected of it). Many were tortured and worked to death in these slave-labor camps known as “UMAP,” where a sign at the entrance read: “WORK WILL MAKE MEN OUT OF YOU.” The sign at the entrance to Auschwitz read “WORK WILL MAKE YOU FREE.”

So what does this have to do with Pres. Trump, some might ask?

Well, the same Time magazine whose rage against President Trump rivals Guevara’s rage against Virgilio Piñera, hails Guevara in its “Heroes and Icons of the Century” category of the Century’s Most Important People, alongside Anne Frank, Andrei Sakharov and Mother Theresa.

“Aww, COME ON!” snort some amigos. “That psychopath mass-murderer and warmonger alongside Mother Theresa?! Humberto’s tricking us with clickbait here! I’m gonna prove him a fraud by checking this claim out with Snopes!”

Don’t bother. I’ll save you the trouble. Follow all links here for thorough documentation.

In fact, Sean Hannity’s former partner Alan Colmes scoffed too. When I pointed to Time’s classification of Che’s “heroism” as a classic example of the ignorance (if not outright insanity) of the mainstream media’s treatment of the mass-murdering terrorist, Colmes flat-out refused to believe me, smirkingly implying to his huge TV audience that I was one of those “typically right-wing Cuban-American crackpots!”

But he gaped (semi-)apologetically when I produced the documentation on his very show.

“Che Guevara was the embodiment of a man true to his word,” sighed yet another Time magazine encomium in 2011 by Dan Fastenberg -- a recent graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, I might add.

Alas, the “research” by Time magazine’s “gallant crusader for the truth” (Columbia School of Journalism’s term for its graduates) appears deficient:

“I am not a communist and have never been a communist,” was how Che Guevara gave his truthful word to the New York Times on Jan. 4th 1959. “It gives me great pain to be called a communist,” he continued truthing.

“Che was the embodiment of a man who never backs down and is willing to pay the ultimate price,” continues Time magazine’s enraptured Fastenberg. “After Guevara was captured fomenting revolution in Bolivia in 1967, he said, “Go ahead and kill me, I am just a man.”

In fact, on his second to last day alive, Che Guevara ordered his guerrilla charges to give no quarter, to fight to the last breath and to the last bullet. With his men doing exactly that, Che snuck away from the firefight, and crawled towards the Bolivian soldiers doing the firing.

“Don’t shoot! I’m Che Guevara! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

The details of Che’s capture are available in the official records of the men who captured him. Columbia School of Journalism graduates and Time “investigative journalists” are no more barred from reading those records than I am. These documents record this “embodiment of a man who never backs down” dropping his fully loaded weapons on Oct. 8, 1967 and whimpering: “Don’t shoot! I’m Che Guevara! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

But it was only after his (obviously voluntary) capture that Che segued into full Eddie-Haskell-greeting-June-Cleaver-mode. “What’s your name, young man?!” Che quickly asked one of his captors. “Why what a lovely name for a Bolivian soldier!”

“You are a very special person!” Che then commended the soldier’s commander, Captain Gary Prado. “I have been talking to some of your men. They think very highly of you, captain Prado!.. Now, could you please find out what they plan to do with me?....I don’t suppose you will kill me. I’m surely more valuable alive!”

His Bolivian captors viewed the matter differently. In fact, they adopted a policy that has since become a favorite among Americans who encounter (so-called) endangered species on their property: “Shoot, shovel, and shut-up.”

Justice has never been better served.

Don’t miss this rollicking (and thoroughly-documented, as usual) dramatization of Che Guevara’s surrender (and consequently of Time magazine’s shining Fake News credentials) during a YAF speech.  


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